GL Gets Fit {weekly update #7}

Weight Loss Motivation: The “Secret” to Getting Started AUGUST 2 BY SCOTT CHRIST

Hi Loves!  Week one of the back challenge is now past.  HOLY Crap! My shoulders and arms are feeling super tight but in a good way.  Its that feeling like “you’re finally using us for something!”  Slumping in front of a computer is a serious issue that I work on all time time and I hope this will help my posture.

My favorite move is laying in a bridge position and then taking your hand weights over your head and back to your chest.  I LOVE the feeling of my flappy under arms burning and hopefully tightening up?!  While not my favorite – this time the superman move is the easiest I’ve ever done. I think the plank challenge helped prepare my core for this move and I appreciate that!

Bad news…I went back home for the weekend and between eating glorious treats that mom’s have around and a few beers with my Uncle…I gained a couple pounds.  I know the scale goes up and down but I was on a steady kick and feeling good about holding and dropping.  Its been a couple weeks since I went up instead of staying the same or dropping.  I’m kind of bummed about that but on the plus side – I took my free weights and yoga mat and still did my back challenge.  (This week its about the small victories!)

Hopefully next week will be better for the stats!  Thanks for stopping by Gracious Luck and reading this short update!


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