GL Gets Fit { weekly update #9 }

Get through your workout... Stick to your weight loss plan... In the end, it will all pay off! Loves!  Last week was nuts, I was gone a lot and on the go so the challenge was put on hold.  This is the first time I’ve done a challenge and taken an entire week off.  I was also noticing some aggravation with my crabby shoulders and the reverse flies.  Due to an old injury and a suspicious pinched nerve – using heavy weights were causing a lot of muscle strain for me.  Hopefully a week off will have helped me recover.

I walked back in to the middle of the challenge – day 14 to be exact and while I felt some burn, I felt amazing after completing 50 reverse flies, 50 bridge pullovers (LOVE), 35 rows, and an  80 second superman.  I did each fairly easily, however I did break the flies into two sessions of 25 to ease back into the process.  I have to also admit that at the end of the superman – I was definitely shaking but didn’t give in!!

One positive note for this week’s update – I hit an all time new low weight.  That alone makes me very happy!!!  While I’m still a work in progress and far from being content about where my body is, I love finding old clothes from a few years ago that fit, and fit well!  Another fun moment was having a relatively healthy person tell me I walk too fast.  I’m not sure why but that also makes me excited!!

After eight weeks, I’m noticing that I’m not as hungry for stupid foods as I was before.  I still have weak moments…like oreos…they are the devil!!! But for the most part – I’m not eating as much, drinking more water, and feeling better.

Thanks for dropping by and reading my 8th update!

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