Apothecary Extracts – Tea Tree Oil {review}

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by BrandBacker and Apothecary Extracts – I did not purchase this product but received it for free to review with my readers.

Hi Loves!  I’ve been using tea tree oil for years – (mainly for treating acne and itchy scalp issues) and its very hard to find a 100% pure oil.  This company does just that. Before we get into the review, first – here’s some information on the company Apothecary Extracts.

Apothecary Extracts was founded in 2013 because, as consumers, we were tired of not knowing what was in our essential oils. There are so many vendors that dilute their essential oils, or use unsafe extraction processes which contaminate the final product. The only way to be sure what is in your essential oils is to test them. But the tests are expensive so most brands don’t want to pay for this. Or they don’t want you to know the results!

We will only carry essential oils that we are 100% confident represent the best quality and potency available. And we’ll show you the test results to back it up.

Apothecary Extracts is committed to selling only the purest essential oils, and we have the tests to prove it. Available for purchase exclusively on Amazon.com.

4 ounce Bottle is $24.99 {Click HERE to buy it!}  Included with every purchase is a free e-book detailing 53 recipes to use the oil in!

If you aren’t familiar with tea tree oil – here are a few of its more popular uses:
Naturally fight Acne, Toenail Fungus, Lice, Yeast Infections, Skin Tags, Cold Sores, Dandruff, Ringworm, Fleas, Warts, Psoriasis, and More.

One of my favorite parts of this product is that is a very generous size.  In my medicine cabinet right now I have a tiny bottle from The Body Shop.  That is a great size for travel but not very practical if you plan on using the oil for a variety of things.  The Body Shop bottle is .33oz and costs around $9.50.  I don’t like that its not pure tea tree oil, on that tiny bottle tea tree oil is actually the 5th ingredient listed if you read the ingredients.

Another feature that I like is the fact that it has a sort of stopper on the top that will save it from spilling and allows you to easily add a drop or two to what ever you need.

Since some of you might be new to using tea tree oil – or have never heard of it, I wanted to share my favorite uses for it.  On that note, if you’ve never used it, it has a very unique and almost pungent scent.  I’ve grown to like it but to some it could be a little too smelly!

I use it to help with a dry and itchy scalp.  On the recommendation of a hair stylist I randomly (every couple weeks) add a few drops of tea tree oil to my shampoo and use it to help heal my scalp.  Most tea tree shampoos have such a small amount of the oil that you’re better off doing it this way.  I have to say that I love using it and the refreshing feeling it leaves behind after I rinse the shampoo out.  Its tingly but in a good way! 🙂

(Here’s some background info from Apothecary’s e-book regarding treating your scalp)
Regardless of the type of hair you have—kinky, silky, frizzy or curly—tea tree oil  can help in a variety of ways. In fact many shampoos contain small amounts of tea tree oil to treat dandruff, dry scalp, psoriasis, lice and even cradle cap. The antibacterial and antiviral properties associated with tea tree oil can be used to treat scalp infections and irritations, while the all natural moisturizing properties  helps keep the hair and scalp healthy and shiny.  
The following are just some of the known benefits of tea tree oil for your hair:
 Prevents hair loss
 Treats lice
 Facilitates hair growth
 Treats & eliminates dandruff
 Treats cradle cap
 Unblocks the hair follicles that cause dandruff
The problem with many mass produced hair and scalp products is that the amount of tea tree oil contained is so small that it‘s unlikely to produce any real results.

I also use it to treat acne.  If I have a zit coming up, or a bump that I don’t want, one of the first things I do is apply a dab right on the spot.  I do this  after I’ve washed my face but before moisturizer.  There are antiseptic properties in the oil that help dry out the zit and heal the skin.  Personally I like it better than a traditional zit cream because those tend to dry my skin out and this hasn’t.

Lastly – here’s a recipe to try out from Apothecary Extracts for an hand scrub!

Antibacterial Hand Scrub:

Soap Dispenser (cleaned with hot water and dried)
1/2 tbsp Apothecary Extracts Tea Tree Oil
1 lemon, juiced
1 cup seal salt (medium fine grains)
2 drops lemon essential oil
1/3 cup olive oil

MIX IT: Add all ingredients into a wooden mixing gown and stir until well blended. Pour mixture into empty soap dispenser and place in bathroom and kitchen.

Thanks for stopping by Gracious Luck!

53 thoughts on “Apothecary Extracts – Tea Tree Oil {review}

  1. polishedportland says:

    I also use it as a spot treatment for acne. It dries out blemishes so fast, it’s amazing. I actually have one product for acne that’s tea tree oil with oregano – works wonders (smells like you have food on your face, though).

  2. Chelsea says:

    I love tea tree oil! I have used it before to help with my eczema and I’ve also added it to my shampoo when I once got lice when I rented a camper van for travelling (yuck 😦 it was awful) and was paranoid they would come back from anywhere and everywhere, haha. I have to mention though that it doesn’t actually treat/kill lice, it just wards them off. Definitely worth adding to your kids shampoo where it’s so easy to get lice in school though!

  3. Melissa Forrest says:

    I have used tea tree oil as a natural remedy for lice treatment on my step-daughter when she was younger. Worked wonders and was much better and more gentle than the over the counter remedies.

  4. Andi says:

    I used to use tea tree oil all the time and I just kind of forgot about it. I like using natural products, especially on acne, I use Burt’s Bees but that is pretty strong as well, I definitely need to try tea tree oil for that.

  5. L says:

    I have not used tee tree oil in forever and a day but when i did use it I used for clearing the odd spot here and there on my face.

  6. Jenna @ A Savory Feast says:

    This was really helpful! I’ve been learning more about extracts and essential oils lately, so it was great to find another one to try.

  7. sharonjgilman says:

    Oh this is great! I JUST learned about essential oils about two weeks ago and I’m loving the one called Breathe and another one called Peppermint. I use those for respiratory problems and muscle aches and they work like wonders. Glad to know all these uses for tea tree oil! Thanks!

    • jen says:

      Its a great oil! I had no idea until I was working on post how many things you can do with! I’ve used it mostly for skincare but there are so many more options!

  8. Cassie @ Craving Creations says:

    Thanks for sharing how you use tea tree oil! I have some in my medicine cabinet that I sometimes use for blemishes, but I am going to have to try it in my shampoo. I also sometimes get a dry scalp, probably from all the products I use on my hair. Will definitely try this out. thanks!

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