Chapstick Hydration Lock { review }

Disclosure – I received this product for free from Smiley360 to try and review for you.  I did not purchase this product.

After a couple of weeks of using this product – I’ve now formed a solid opinion of how I think it works for me.  My thoughts might not be relevant to you and your skin type but they are simply my impressions of the product.

First – here is some information about Chapstick’s newest product!

New ChapStick® dual-ended Hydration Lock Day & Night offers skin protection on one side and replenishing butters on the other side, for double the care for lips. This dual-ended innovation from ChapStick® delivers two distinct formulas, all in one tube, designed to provide you with 24-hour lip care. ChapStick® now delivers double the care for your lips with SPF 12 and long-lasting moisturization for the daytime on one side, and natural butters, antioxidants, and Tamanu oil on the other side to replenish your tired lips at night.

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This product retails for $2.68 at

My thoughts —

Initially- I like this product.  Its clear, pretty much unscented, and feels really nice after application.  However after using this pretty consistently for a couple weeks, I’m not seeing any real improvement in my lips.  I drink a lot of water but lately I’ve been having dry lips because with fall and cooler weather the air is much drier.   This didn’t seem to do anything for me other than feel nice on my lips for a few minutes.  Part of me wonders if it dried my lips out even more…

I LOVE that its basically unscented and unflavored!  I don’t like my lip products to smell like flowers, fruit, or some other food!  I also don’t like flavored lip products – I just want something to help with dry lips not dessert!

I think this is perfect for spring and summer when you want a light product and protection from the elements but don’t need a serious moisturizer.

The double ended product seems a little gimmicky to me.  While I like the idea – I think I’d rather have 2 different products that are full size than two smaller sizes blended into one.  This might be a good thing to leave in your office drawer or purse instead of having 2 tubes, but its not that amazing of an idea to me.  Its not a deal breaker but it doesn’t make that much of a difference to me either.

Bottom Line — this product is okay.  Its not amazing and its not horrible.  I’ll continue to use it and keep evaluating it but in the end, I just didn’t see any serious improvements for me to rave about.  If your lips are already in perfect shape – you might be interested in trying this.

If you’re interested in checking out Smiley360 and learn more about this awesome site – click HERE!

Thanks for visiting Gracious Luck today!  Have you tried this product?  What is your go-to lip balm to treat dry and chapped lips?  I’m always looking for new brands to try!

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