GL Gets Fit { weekly update #11 }

Fitness motivationHi Loves!  Another week has flown by!  When I started this post series – I had no idea how long I would keep it up.  Also had no idea how I’d see myself “mentally” evolve on this process.  Its been another up and down week and part of my promise to myself and you is to be real about how things are going.  If you’ve “dieted” or started exercising – you  know how frustrating things can be.  Its not easy – some times – its really hard to keep going and motivate yourself.  (Thats where I love making big pink X’s on the days of my current challenge!)

I haven’t been feeling well and had a bit of a head cold Thurs-Sunday so the challenge was once again put on hold since I came home and pretty much wanted to sleep!  Also – I caught up with some girl friends on Saturday at a winery so that didn’t really help the whole weight loss part – BUT – I didn’t gain!!!  I did maintain – but its better than gaining weight! 🙂

Next Sunday (26th) will be officially my 4 month anniversary since I started getting serious about weight loss and taking measurements.  Just typing that – just makes me so happy that I’m able to have sort of stuck with this and my 30 day challenges have helped!

While I haven’t lost any drastic number of pounds – I’m happy with how things are and feel myself getting stronger day by day.

I’m looking forward to wrapping up the Back Challenge this week and sharing my thoughts on it as well as a recap on how things are 4 months later! 🙂

Thanks again for reading and keeping me motivated!

3 thoughts on “GL Gets Fit { weekly update #11 }

  1. Socially Awkward Fashionista says:

    Wow! glad that you are keeping it up. It’s so hard to practice being healthy especially when your not feeling well and all you want to do is sleep or lay in bed all day. Keep up the hard work!

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