GL Gets Fit ~ 4 Months Later { weekly update #12 }

Its been a long time coming – I realized a few weeks ago that I would be closing in on my 4 month mark and wanted to be sure to write a post and check in with you.  I’ve said it a million times – but even if one of you reads this and feels motivated, I’ll be happy.  

Four months ago I was closing in on having wrist surgery for a minor issue but it was my initial weigh in at my referral visit with the surgeon that I had my wake up call.  June 10th – I weighed in after lunch – but it was shocking.  It was – holy shit – how did that happen?!  Lets be honest – I knew exactly how it happened but it didn’t make it any better.  I was feeling crappy, felt fat, and found contentment in buying bigger clothes and instead of working to loose weight and get back into old clothes.  I decided I needed to start thinking about changing my lifestyle.  I’m not a trainer or a nutritionist – in fact I’m the farthest from both.  I still despise 90% of vegetables – and find comfort in stress eating.

However, I’ve also realized that its MY life – eating poorly is MY fault.  Not exercising is also MY fault.  Rather than revamp my life, clean out all the crap food I had, and restrict myself.  I resorted to embracing a lifestyle change gradually.  I still love double stuff oreos, cheetos, and doritos, but I don’t buy them.  If they show up in the apt thanks to my roommate I’ll eat some but try really hard to limit how much I eat.  I’ve also increased the amount of water I drink and attempted in cutting back on my vice – Diet Mountain Dew.  The soda/pop drinking has cut back but I think the addiction will always be there.  I’ve also increased the amount of fiber I’m eating and taking a probiotic daily to help cut down on cravings and try to get my body in a “healthier” place inside and out.

I need to finish this section of the update saying that I’m not really exercising that hard but completing daily challenges and randomly adding on a 90 second plank.

Now – time for some updates.  In the past week I completed my 30 Day Back Challenge – YAY!  I love LOVE love completing challenges.  Crossing off each day with a giant pink X makes me feel like I accomplished something.  In thirty days – I have gone from doing a handful of moves to over a hundred reverse flies, renegade rows, bridge pullovers and a 3 minute superman.  Four months ago – I wouldn’t have made it.  I know physically that these challenges are awesome at easing me into a groove and the little increase every day makes it seem easier to add on a couple more here and there.

I’ve noticed quite a bit of definition in my arms, specifically my flabby upper arms.  Now I know that just about everyone has some flabby or flappy upper arms, and while mine are still there, I feel better that there is more muscle in them than there has been in a really long time.  I’ve gotten a few compliments from people that see me all the time and my confidence is getting better and better every day.  (Note-I did modify the renegade rows to do on my knees instead of a normal verson.)

Time for my favorite part – there is about 5% of me that doesn’t understand how this is possible – but I’ve been tracking my measurements every few weeks since June 26th – 4 months later – here are my numbers.


Bust – 2 inches
Waist – 5.5 inches
Hips – 2.75 inches
Upper Arms (flab) – 2 inches
Upper Thighs – 2.5 inches

Weight is still hovering around 10-13 pounds lost since June 10 – BUT the proof is in the inches.  My challenges have focused on using my own body weight or free weights to build muscle.  Muscle does weigh more than fat – so while I can’t say I’ve lost a crazy number of pounds. I can say I’ve lost 14.75 INCHES!!!!!!!!!  Like OMG! Really?!  Its true.

Next week – I’m starting a new 30 day challenge.  Stay tuned – and I’d love for you to join me in the fun!

I cannot thank you enough for sticking with me on this journey and encouraging me in person or on here.  I know I couldn’t have crossed the 4 month mark on my own, so sharing my ups and downs with you helps remind me that I’m human and I didn’t gain weight overnight – and its not going to disappear that fast either.

Hugs to you all! x0 ~jen

3 thoughts on “GL Gets Fit ~ 4 Months Later { weekly update #12 }

  1. Tina Lea says:

    YAY YO!!! I haven’t been completely keeping up with your blog but I thought you looked a bit smaller at your goddaughters vb! I need to learn from you. SO I vow to do the next 30 days with you!

    • jen says:

      Thank you! 🙂 Its a struggle most of the time but one step at a time. I’m still debating a few different challenges so I’ll let you know which one is next on my list!

  2. TheFeminineFiles says:

    Congrats Jen!! The hardest part is the fact that it takes time and dedication (I have patience for neither!) Thats a great amount of inches though, way to go!

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