GL Gets Fit { weekly update #14 }

YesHello Loves! Well I have to say that taking a week off and getting back into a new 30 day challenge was a bit harder this time because I gained a couple extra pounds – but lost them when I did my weekly weigh in.

I realized a few things this week that I wanted to share.  First, I gained because I was making horrible choices during the week.  I’ve known that I’m an “emotional” eater – typically I’ve noticed I eat when I’m stressed.  This week I realized I also grab food when I’m bored.  The past week has been a little stressful too.  I’ve been putting in extra hours at work so I could be gone for an appointment last Friday afternoon, and my involvement with a college organization also kept me going well into the evenings in the past week.  This week will be just as hectic but I’m hoping that by writing about it – I can make myself more conscious of it and try to make better choices.  However – the next few weeks should slow down during the week and I’m really looking forward to it! 🙂

The next thing I realized was wow…my legs were sore! I know from previous experience that lunges tend to be hard on my knees but after a few days they were into the groove of doing the movement again.  I really like that feeling of my muscles yelling at me the next day and then you work them again and they start to adjust.  Actually for me, they loosen up and its like “ahhh”!   The move I’m really enjoying this week is the fire hydrant on my challenge.  While I feel absolutely ridiculous doing it – I can feel some great muscle movement in my inner and outer thighs.    The move I’m not into…yet…is the scissors.  Holy cow! I know from other challenges that using your own body can be a lot more challenging than you’d ever realize but this takes it to a new level!  I’ve tried going wide and then back up and can really feel it.  Until I get adjusted to this move – I’m keeping my scissors “smaller” instead of “wider” for now.

Last – It has taken me over 10 years of living in this town to “discover” the walking trail.  Sad. I know!  I was visiting with a friend and we were talking about how he likes disc golf.  Turns out my college has a public “course” so we went to check it out so he could explain it to me and stumbled upon the trail.  It was nice to enjoy a walk for about 20 minutes.  The trail goes around the entire town, while we did just a small part of it – it was really nice and beautiful.

I know a couple friends jumped on this challenge with me…how are you doing with it?

Last – winter has sort of arrived.  Today I woke up to a dusting of snow and a cold wind.  With the windchill at a nice and toasty ZERO! 🙂

How are you all doing?  Have you joined this challenge?  What’s your favorite way to work out during the cold months?

Thanks for visiting Gracious Luck today!

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