GL Gets Fit { weekly update #15 }

TodayHi Loves! How are you this week?  This was a hard week for me, well…more frustrating!  I had meetings a few nights, worked late another night…and I have to confess that I skipped a couple days. 😦

Its better for me to be honest and just put it out there.  Emotionally, I’ve just felt drained and pushed to my limits this week.  I think it was mainly stacking a few things on top of each other that got to me. However – like my quote for the week – today is a new day.  A day to start fresh and keep going.

You may have also noticed that I only had one post last week – I had planned on another but there again, just felt like I was running out of time and didn’t get another written.

My weight has remained steady the past couple weeks so its time to cut back on crap food and focus on what I know and that’s eating cleaner and smarter.  This time of year I also love to bake really delicious things and have no will power to resist them!  My new mission is to find ways to make my favorite winter foods and snacks healthier or not make them.

Last night I picked up my challenge after a couple days off and I was really out of breath!  However- I did push myself to go faster and keep my heart rate up!  None the less…I felt really out of shape!  The lunges are still a challenge for me but my knees seem to be adapting pretty well.  Fire hydrants remain my favorite – but I’m also getting into the plie pulses.  I’ve found they are a million times easier if I do them next to my kitchen counter.  I’m not holding on but simply resting my hands against the counter edge to keep balance.  I’m keeping my back straighter and can really feel it in my inner thighs.

How is this week treating you?  I hope you are doing well and if you’re doing the challenge with me – let me know how its going!

I’ll have a couple reviews coming soon – one on a new face cleanser from the drugstore, and a really fun new curling iron!
Thanks for stopping by Gracious Luck – its a new day – lets kick ass!

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