GL Gets Fit #19 {getting the “dog”}

click through for "Yoga Basics by Patrick Beach" - an introduction to yoga plan for people too scared to start in a studio

Hi Loves! Week 2 of the 30 days of Yoga is complete!  I did approximately 180 minutes of yoga this week and also 45 minutes of cleaning and putting up Christmas decorations and my tree so about 225 minutes of physical activity this week!  YAY! Another way to look at it is – 3.75 hours of exercise in week 2.  (This is huge for me!!)  

Week 2 update – I can do downward dog with flat feet!!  It still isn’t pretty and my legs aren’t totally straight but its a baby step in the right direction for me. This week I did the 40 minute beginner workout I shared last week on Mon, Wed, Thurs, and Sun.  On Friday I did the 20 minute beginner workout from week 1 to mix it up a little.  Doing the 20 minute workout was a great change of pace and I’m going to continue adding that at least once a week from here on out.  My wrists are slowly getting stronger but still sensitive to the new movements.  To help them I’m trying a wrist stretching video – I’ll share it next week and let you know how its going.

What I’m loving in Week 2 – I’m actually looking forward to my daily yoga fix and LOVE the calm feeling I get as I complete a session.  If you know me personally my mind is always running – yoga forces me to clear my head and shut down my mind for a bit.  My anxiety is a non-issue at the moment and the tension that I’ve carried in my shoulders and neck isn’t bothering me as much!  I’m also loving a sense of flexibility that I haven’t had in…ever?!  My body and muscles almost seem to be craving the stretching and movement every day.  I’m not sure whats going on but I am loving it!  Lastly – every Tuesday morning I do a weekly weigh in.  I’ve been hovering around the same couple numbers (up a pound, down a pound) since October, but today for the first time since Oct 4 I’ve tied with my all time low since June!!!  (Small victories keep me motivated!)  I hope to hold that number or keep moving down despite the holidays!

Whats up in Week 3 – I’m going to continue with my 40 minute beginner session that I did in week 2 and aim for at least 5 days of yoga – but hopefully six or seven!   Even five days of 40 minute yoga sessions = 200 minutes or 3.33 hours!  I may add in the 20 minute video once or twice on days when I’m short on time.

Whats your favorite way to exercise in the winter?

Thanks for stopping by Gracious Luck today! xo

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