GL Gets Fit #20 {Merry Christmas!}

#christmas #quotes #familyHi Loves!  This week is Christmas?! Can you believe it?  I swear it still feels like October to me.

I’m starting my 3rd week of yoga!  When I started this 3 weeks ago – I knew liked yoga but never really focused on it like I am now.  I am loving it – really – I am!  I love being able to get down and stretch or just relax in child’s pose and feel my shoulders and back say “ahhhhh”!  Plus – I’m still having great luck and avoiding anxiety and my shoulder knots that have plagued me for years aren’t as angry.

In Week 3 – I did approximately 280 minutes of exercise – 245 were yoga and an app on my phone tracked my last minute Christmas shopping of 35 minutes of walking Saturday night.  Overall – its about 4.67 hours of activity.  YAY!   My favorite moves of the week are child’s pose and mini-cobra.  Day by day I feel myself getting more flexible and stronger.  To change up the scene I did Adrienes 20 minute morning yoga on Saturday to set the pace for shopping that evening.  OMG…it felt ah-mazing!  Just stretching and moving to get your day started was a nice change.  (Confession – that might be a weekend practice because I’m not waking up super early to do yoga on the weekdays…yet!)

Week 4 – I’m going to stick with the 3 videos I’ve done and I’ll link them below.  The beginner 20 minute, the beginner 40 minute, and her morning yoga sequence.  Once again – I’m shooting for 5 days of yoga but hoping for a full week of yoga!

Happy Holidays – and thank you for keeping me on this journey.

My Week 4 Video Picks —

20 Minutes:

40 Minutes:

Morning Yoga – 20 Minutes

Merry Christmas – Hoping you all have a beautiful holiday with family & friends.
– xo – Jen

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