Christmas Wish List {Dream Version}

free Christmas "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" Chalkboard Printable  8x10 page print in frame or printed/transferred to wood?Hi Loves!  Merry Christmas!  When I was little every year my Grandma would get the giant (well it seemed that way) Christmas catalog from JC Penneys and my brother, myself, and my cousin would read every page.  We’d circle or make marks on what we liked and if we were really good – some of those wishes came true!

As I’ve grown up – I’ve realized to me the holidays are more about spending time with your loved ones and enjoying the company of others instead of wanting material things.  Yet – we all like to dream of material things so this is my Grown Up Christmas Wish List – the dream version!

Dream Vacation – Turks & Caicos
Dear Santa – I’d like 2 weeks at an all inclusive resort – and a private jet from Nebraska to Grand Turk.  Its my dream trip and I don’t want to be a sardine crunched up in a plane with a bunch of other people. 🙂
Hermes Birkin Bag
(Isn’t she beautiful!?!) – You can get on the waiting list for one since they are handmade and cost a small fortune.  They are typically on auction – this one sold for $8500 (according to the link).
Dream House – I grew up in rural America and I love country living.  I’ve always wanted a house with a wrap around porch and tons of trees.  This would suit me just fine! 🙂
Some new perfume…
Holiday Perfume Picks
Some jewelry would be nice!
Holiday Jewelry Picks
And some new makeup to play with!
Holiday Makeup Picks
Lastly – a new ride.  I’m sensible – so I’d pick my favorite SUV.  Its Nebraska after all and I like knowing I could get around in crap weather if I had to!  A 2015 GMC Terrain Denali  – in Black.
2014 GMC Terrain Denali

Photo Cred:

Whats on your dream list for Santa?  I had fun thinking of things but I think 10 years ago when I was 21 – my list might be different.  At 31- I’m thinking – I need a vacation, a new house, and a good vehicle with a few baubles like makeup, a purse, and some delicious smelling perfumes!
I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday and get the chance to enjoy the little things like hugs and laughter from your loved ones.
– Jen

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