GL Gets Fit #21 {NYE! 2015}

She took a deep breathe & let it go... #inhale #exhaleHi Loves and Happy New Years Eve!!!  Can you believe its almost 2015?! I cannot.  I also crossed the 6 month mark since I started the GL Gets Fit Series.  That is something that I’m also struggling to believe! So last week was Christmas…and I caved and ate a ton of delicious snacks ranging from cheesy goodness to a few Christmas sweets.

Here’s what I’ve learned.  I am not used to eating that much any more.  When I sit around visiting or watching tv with family, I graze.  I always have.  In the past 6 months I’ve realized this and purposely keep temptations to a minimum because my will power is – zero!  My stomach was not happy for a few days but by the end of the weekend (as I’m writing this) I’m starting to feel better.

For Christmas I got a new yoga mat and 2 yoga blocks! YAY! A year ago – my reaction might have been…are you effin kidding me?!  Yet I cannot wait to get home and get back into my daily yoga practices.  This week’s quote sums up how I’m feeling after the holidays.  I know I didn’t drink enough water and caved to temptation but its life – and I chose to keep munching.  Its okay, I’ll get things back on track soon enough.

While my yoga this week was a pretty pathetic 3 days and less than 2 hours – my body was craving some serious me time and some serious stretching!  I was going to do a 6 month check in but that didn’t happen with my measurements falling on the day after Christmas.  Instead – I’m going to do some measurements after my 30 days of yoga is complete!  Its going to expand into the first few days of January because I want to actually do 30 days of yoga first.

I loved visiting family and catching up with people I don’t get to see that often.  Its hard when you live and work a couple hours from your home town.  I’m ending post with a few moments from “back home” in rural northeast Nebraska.  I hope you’ve had an amazing Christmas and an even better new year!

Thank you for reading along as I’ve crossed the 6 month mark! xo

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