GL Gets Fit #22 {6 months later & Hovering Cats?!}

Your only competition should be the person you were yesterday. #fitness #motivation from Tone-and-Tighten.comHi Loves!  You know I’ve been on a yoga kick for December.  In mid-December the yoga teacher I’ve been following on Youtube – Yoga With Adriene, announced a 30 day challenge on her site.  For 30 days she’s posting a new video to try.  It started on Jan 2 and goes thru Jan 31.  The videos I’ve done so far range from 25-40 minutes.  They are simple and basic (so far) but also challenging enough for more seasoned yoga fans.

I love having a new video every day – they are challenging and introduce me to moves that I’ve never heard of but feel amazing to try.  However, there are some that I struggle with!  I have come close to falling down a couple times but I just keep going.  I’ve found that while I seem to crave my daily yoga the best part is my anxiety is staying low and helping keep things in perspective.  (YAY!)

Favorite Yoga Move of the Week – Hovering Cat!
I have a love/hate relationship with this move.  In December Adriene’s videos would randomly ask me to try a “hovering cat” move – I’ve never been able to hold it for more than a second before I’d have to stop.  This week – I DID IT!! For 3 breathes or about 30 seconds.  And then I did it again!  OMG – this was a huge moment for me.  If you’re curious – this (below) is the hovering cat except for Adriene’s practice the tops of our feet are flat on the mat. If you try it – you might get it right away – but for me, it was an amazing feeling when I was able to tell I had built up endurance and could hold it.

Now that I’ve gotten into a yoga groove, I wanted check my measurements after about 6 and a half months.  My weight is maintaining within a pound or two throughout December – but the inches are still dropping.

Since June 26, 2014 I have LOST the following INCHES!
Bust – 3 inches
Waist – 6.75 inches <——– OMG OMG OMG!?!
Hips – 3.75 inches
Arms – 2 inches (minimal change since Oct)
Thigh – 3.25 inches
TOTAL INCHES LOST – 18.75!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m still shocked that I’ve been able to lose a little over a foot and a half. Say What?!?!  I’m really loving my new yoga practice of daily work and feel the best I’ve felt – EVER!  I’m also still looking forward to my daily stretches and while some times I’m really feeling it – I love the calm and sense of accomplishment I get after every session.

Thanks again for joining me on this journey and for stopping by Gracious Luck!

If you’d like to try #30daysofyoga with Adriene – Here’s the playlist:

25 thoughts on “GL Gets Fit #22 {6 months later & Hovering Cats?!}

    • jen says:

      Aww thanks! I don’t have any classes nearby since I live in a rural area so this works for me. Plus I think I’d be intimidated by a class with real yogis! 🙂

    • jen says:

      I wish my office did that but we’re a really small company. I love inspirational posters – they’re in every GL gets fit post I’ve done so far! 🙂

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