GL Gets fit #25 {a damn cold}

"Pain lets you know you are still alive. Man, I feel so, so, so alive right now." #Fitness #Humour #MemeHi Loves!  It finally happened – my first real cold/flu of the year.  Sunday thru Wednesday I was on a roll, doing my yoga and then Thursday afternoon it hit me.  First sore throat then fever, muscle aches, and sleepiness. By Friday it was a crappy sore throat, and full on head cold.  It has since evolved into an earache and sore throat with sneezing, a runny nose, and random coughing.  I haven’t touched my mat since Wednesday so I’m 5 days behind. 😦  Most of my free time has been spent drinking lots of water and sleeping trying to kick this cold to the curb!  I’m hoping to pick up where I left off and plan to ease into the routine again.

I did attempt to pick up day 21 last night (Monday) and after 20 minutes my head was exploding from the movements.  It was enough pain to make me sick to my stomach so I took some more cold medicine and a hot shower.  I guess my body was telling me its not ready for yoga yet.

This post is short and sweet to update you on my progress.  I was so frustrated on Thursday that after 20 days of straight yoga I was going to pick rest over the daily practice. However – small setbacks happen.  While I hate being sick (I know we all do) I hope making the decision to step back and take care of myself was the right one.

Thanks for stopping by…lets hope by next week’s post I have this whipped!

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