GL Gets fit #26 {I’m back!!}

How To Save a LifeHappy February Loves!!  While I should be celebrating the completion of my 30 days of yoga – last week’s head cold from hell really set me back.  I took a full week off so picked up day 21 on Thursday.  On the plus side – both Saturday and Sunday I did two days to get me a little closer to finishing my 30 “sessions”.  I will finish 30 days of yoga with Adriene this week.  Its a little bittersweet to be completing this.  We’ve formed a wonderful and supportive kula (support group) on facebook exclusive to members of the challenge. It’s been encouraging for me to read about other members who have my level of experience getting support or help from experienced yoga friends who want to see us succeed.  Its been such a blessing to be part of something so simple and supportive.

As I’m writing this I only have a couple days left.  I wanted to share some thoughts on 30-ish days of yoga.

First – I had no idea how much stronger I would be. Seriously- I can now do the hovering cat that I thought was impossible in the beginning.  I can do a pretty solid – yet brief – side plank that was literally impossible a few weeks ago.  There are moves that motivate me to say – some day – I’m going to do that.  (I’m coming for you crow!!) – don’t know a crow pose? Click HERE.

Next – I’m more flexible.  So you might be saying…Duh!  But back in December when I decided to focus on yoga I couldn’t bend forward and touch the floor without really bending my knees.  That might seem silly to some of you – or others might totally understand – but now I can put my hands on the floor.  I am actually looking forward to my daily forward folds to just stretch my back and feel myself “un-crunch” after a day at work.

Last – I still struggle with lunges.  I don’t hate them – but with the help of my yoga block I can do them.  I am looking forward to the day when I will be able to do these without a block!

My favorite move of the week – warrior 1 and 2 poses.  It might sound crazy but doing these makes me feel confident and powerful.  I’m know I’m not getting low enough into the lunge side of it but I am getting better balance every day and can feel my legs getting stronger each time.  Its a very basic move but I just love it!

Lastly – as always – thank you for reading and keeping up with me on this journey.

Here’s warrior 2 for you:

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