GL Gets Fit #27

Fitness motivation! Check out our workouts that WORK! Loves!  In the past week I have finally completed my 30 days of Yoga challenge with Adriene!  My cold from a couple weeks ago is still trying to hang on – but its not as bad so I was able to finish and did two days at a time to get it completed.

I was traveling the end of the week to a conference so didn’t get to work out as much as I wanted but I was able to carry on my streak of 5 consecutive weeks of at least 90 minutes of exercise!  That might not sound like much – but I had nearly 900 minutes of exercise in January which is almost 15 Hours! 

I wanted to share a few parting thoughts after actually completing my 30 days of yoga.

1- I lost a couple more pounds and even with travel and a 6hr road trip one way – I maintained my new lowest weight yet.  Its nothing drastic but I did finally break past a number last week that I couldn’t get below for a while.  (I realize with proper eating – I would be dropping more pounds but one thing at a time!  I’m cutting back on bad  foods and forming an exercise habit before I revamp my food intake.)

2- I still “crave” yoga.  Crave seems like a strong word but I feel like my body wants to do it daily and find myself doing little yoga poses during the day.  After getting home from my trip Sunday – I found myself doing forward folds just stretching my back out.  I also love the sense of peace and calm I feel after completing a session.

3-Anxiety is the whole reason I even considered yoga back in December.  If you remember back to a post from that time – anxiety is something that I’ve had my entire life or as much as I can remember.  It can be almost crippling to me.  However after 2.5 months I now feel better than ever.  I’m making better choices across the board from eating smarter to not shopping and spending money on stupid things!  When I’m anxious, stressed, or nervous I’ve found I have 2 knee-jerk reactions…I eat…or I shop, if I don’t I’d have a tendency to make myself sick.  I now find myself reaching for fruit or waiting to eat to see if I’m hungry or just bored.  As far as shopping goes – if you’ve been around for a while, you might know that this started as a beauty blog first.  I spent money trying new things – now I have stashes of products that are old, dated, or I never liked to begin with.  Reigning in my anxiety spending was a huge plus for me on this.

4-Inches.  I’m still losing inches despite being stuck around the same weight for a couple months.  My arms are getting stronger every day and I can feel clothes I don’t wear often getting a little bigger and being closer to fitting into some old things I came across.  I’ll be sharing an update in a few weeks on how things are progressing.

Whats next?!  – I’m going to continue yoga and work very hard to maintain my streak of at least 90 minutes a week of exercise.

As always – thank you for reading and keeping me motivated as I continue on this journey.

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