GL Gets Fit #28 {a break}

"enough sleep is just as important for good health as nutrition and exercise"Hi Loves!  Last week after coming off traveling, the end of the cold that wouldn’t got away and a concert late Thursday night,  I only got one day of exercise in.  I’m a little mad at myself since I was able to do 6 weeks of 90 minutes of exercise but I was seriously dragging.  With that – I slacked off and made last week a recovery week.  I feel that if your body is dragging that much and you’re nearly falling asleep at work or taking a cat-naps over lunch – its time for rest!  So I did.

Week 29 comes in with no 30 day challenge and no official plan.  In the past I’ve written about how I like having a daily goal and 30 day challenges are perfect for that. *I LOVE crossing off each day!!*  I’m tossing around a couple challenges that I want to try but I’m also going to keep doing yoga at least 5 days a week.  Any challenge will be in addition to my daily yoga practice.  I’m still determined to hold a crow pose!

After taking the week off my body is once again “craving” yoga and I caught myself doing a downward dog or hovering cat in the past week to stretch and breathe.  I didn’t count those because it was a few minutes here and there.  I cannot wait to get back into my routine in this new week.  I’ve also found a couple new yoga instructors on youtube that I’m excited to try.  While I love Yoga with Adriene and her style at the same time I want to sprinkle in a few others just to mix things up and keep improving myself.  Although I do have to say that Yoga with Adriene has motivated me and helped me realize what is possible if you practice yoga on a regular basis – without finding her I’m not sure where I’d be!

One more thing – a confession.  A week off, eating out, and being lazy bumped me back up 2 pounds. 😦  I hadn’t weighed myself for a week and look what happens! 🙂  I really like to check my weight throughout the week – sometimes daily – other times twice a week.  It helps keep that number in my head to remind me – “are you sure you want chocolate?”

Have a great week Loves!


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