GL Gets Fit #29 {pleurisy}

Skinny Ms. is all about creating healthy habits, not restrictions!  Find out more about our delicious healthy recipes, workouts, fitness challenges, and meal plans.  This is my philosophy.Hi Loves!  So that cold from hell – was still hanging on.  After I did an hour of yoga Monday night – I was feeling great except for this dull pain in my side.  At the time I thought I might have pulled something.  However, it got progressively worse on Tuesday and Tuesday night so after battling this cold for 3 weeks – I caved and went to the doctor.  After finding out I still have a respiratory infection, I also have pleurisy in my left lung.  I’d never even heard of pleurisy before – but now – I’ll never forget it!  Basically its an infection in the wall of my lung and since its inflamed its rubbing against my chest wall (ribs) causing friction and pain.

The pain is most intense when I sneeze or cough but can be explained as a knife into my side.  It reminds me a lot of when I had a broken rib, it hurts to move, to lay on it, stretch that area, and some times breathe.  So since there isn’t much in the form of treating it, my doctor is treating my respiratory infection and then once I get over that part my lung will start to heal up on its own.  After Monday’s yoga session – I’ve been resting, drinking a lot of water, and focused on healing up.

After consulting facebook friends on how to treat pleurisy – turns out a few of them have also had this.  Basically their verdict is it sucks until you get over it!  Luckily I’m just taking Tylenol randomly for the pain but for the most part am staying tough.  I’m going to attempt shorter periods of yoga in week 30.  This week is also the crossing point for 8 months of GL Gets Fit however after a week of laying around I’m up a couple pounds.  (I’m going to do a check in post on the 9 month mark which is March 26.)  I’m still wanting to do yoga – but the sharp pain is a bit of a buzzkill!  I can do a down dog and find myself still doing one for a few moments every other day or so just to prove to myself that I can still do it.  I also find it relaxing.  Yet when I tried my favorite – hovering cat – that seriously pulled and hurt my lung/ab/rib area.  I’ve decided this will be a process and hopefully yoga will help with the healing process.

With that said – its another travel week for me.  I’m traveling Friday to an event on Saturday and participating in one of my favorite charity events on Sunday.  It will be hard to stay on track especially with this cold but I’m determined to give it my best.

Thanks for reading – fingers crossed – next week’s post will have better news in it!

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