GL Gets Fit #30 {pleurisy…winning!}

Fitness motivation! Check out our workouts that WORK! Loves!  If you read my title – yes in week 2 of the pleurisy battle – it was still kicking my butt.  There were times where sneezing was causing me to double over in pain as my lung seemed to seize up like I crinkled it up in my hand.  Sound dramatic?! 🙂  It really was intense but all I kept doing was taking Tylenol and Advil and hope to keep the pain in check.  I’m way too stubborn to request pain meds from the doctor – I’m tough…or I try to be!

I also traveled in the end of this week so while I did lots of walking Friday, Saturday, and Sunday – I gained a couple pounds.  This not being able working out was driving me nuts!  However, when simple stretching was making me sore I knew that yoga was still going to be difficult.  I also seem to have fallen into a crap food rut – the kind of crappy, fattening, and really delicious food rut!  I can’t blame anyone but myself on that part.

BUT- I have some good news.  As the weekend was wrapping up – my pleurisy was starting to feel a tiny bit better or less painful.  Don’t get me wrong  – a sneeze will still make me tear up but sleeping has been getting a little easier.  I could hardly sleep on that side or move in bed without wincing from the pain at night for the past couple weeks, now either I’m tired enough to not care, or it really is getting better!

As I’m writing this – Monday 3/2 – I did my first workout in 2 weeks.  A simple and easy 20 minute beginner yoga session.  The peace and relaxation that comes from my yoga experiences made it worth it.  I did experience some pain in a couple moves but for the most part it felt amazing to get back onto my yoga mat.  I’m going to try to carry this forward into the rest of week 31 and let you know in next weeks post how this is going.

Here’s hoping that March will start out strong and I’m able to get back into daily yoga practice because I’ve missed it dearly!

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