GL Gets Fit #31 {slow & steady}

Back On PointeHi Loves!  FINALLY!! Finally last week I was able to ease back in to a yoga practice.  I did three days which isn’t much but on Thursday I did a move that had me yelp out in pain so I took it easy. I have missed the feeling of just stretching and strength building that I get from yoga.

My shoulders are a little sore, I guess that break did more damage than I thought!  (Not damage – but I was certainly feeling out of shape!)  However – on Sunday I decided to pick up the 30 day challenge again (30 days of yoga with Yoga with Adriene).  This is the same challenge I did in January but I know at that time I wasn’t able to hold some of the more bendy and challenging poses so maybe this time around I’ll be better.  I also love that she eases you into the process, day one was simple and glorious!  I felt amazing at the end.  I’m excited to re-do the 30 day challenge and see how it goes a second time around!

Pleurisy is still hanging around – I’m now into week 4 since being diagnosed with it.  I did notice a sneeze doesn’t make me cry any more but its definitely still sore.  Its warming up here in Nebraska and starting to feel like spring.  Before I dig out my capris I know that its still plenty early so I’m just enjoying the warm sun and spring feel.  With spring temps, the past two weeks my allergies have once again been in full force.  Sneezing is my main issue so I’m back onto my allegra regimen until…December! 🙂  My allergens are mainly dust, pollen, dirt, and some mold.  This is also the perfect time to remind me that its time to start spring cleaning and I cannot wait to open up some windows and get some fresh air in my apartment!

These past few weeks and mainly – most of February did a number on my weight loss goals.  I didn’t gain much, I didn’t loose any really, and I think I gained back some of the fluff I was working so hard to get rid of.  However – a random compliment from an old friend reminded me that one set back isn’t going stop me. I have to step back some times and remind myself that I didn’t get overweight in day – and I’m not going to lose it that fast either.  I recognize that this is a process.  I find myself for the first time in my entire life – looking forward to yoga daily instead of simply working out to “work out.”  Its really is turning into a sort of daily craving – which is AWESOME!  I also find myself moving away from bad food and being drawn to more fruits.  I still hate most vegetables but maybe I’ll eventually get into those also!

February may have slowed me down – but March – is going to be better. If I make change for the better every day – or strive to be better than I was yesterday – that is more than enough to keep me motivated.

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