Casinos: A Source of Inspiration for the Beauty Industry {editorial post}

Back in the day, casinos were known to be fancy destinations, where the patrons were well dressed in tuxedos and cocktail dresses. With an exception of European casinos, you’d be lucky if the security guard denied someone access to the facility because he was in shorts, considering that the common dress code is now “no shirts, no shoes, no slots.” Thus, casinos are no longer a place of fashion forward thinking.

But who can blame the degrading fashion sense in casinos when online portals are sprouting left, right, and center? Because of international betting exchange corporations, such as BetFair, shifting their focus to gaming, mobile apps, and product development, patrons are no longer concerned with what they’re wearing as they are concentrating more on the games themselves.

There’s something intriguing about the Las Vegas casino setting for makeup artists. It might be all the past casino movies, or the style being a tribute to Old Hollywood, but whatever it is, having casino-inspired makeup brings out a whole new confidence, making you look classy but feel like a Las Vegas bad girl. Think Sharon Stone in Casino who had chic tan skin, smokey eyes and brick red lipliner. Makeup artist Nick Barose lets readers of Allure know how to achieve this look.

Some manufacturers have revamped the whole idea of casino-inspired makeup, adding modern twists to make their collections more daring. At one point, KIKO Makeup Milano released a limited edition fall collection called A Daring Game, influenced by Bond girls. The stakes are high in casinos as well as collection with everything packaged in a gambling motif, “with each eyeshadow and blusher compact disguised as a pack of cards and nail varnish pots dressed up as dominoes.”

Though fashion might be dead in casinos, these gambling facilities somehow still rouses makeup trends that people are dying to try out for themselves.

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