GL Gets Fit #32 {boats!}

#fitspoHi Loves!  Last week was perfect, the pleurisy is almost gone, and yoga on an almost daily basis is back!  I was able to get sessions in 4 days and felt amazing.  I was still kind of taking it easy because I had things going on and didn’t want to push my luck!  I’ve loved getting back into a daily yoga practice and even though I said it before, I really miss it when I don’t get to do it.  My highlight of the week was being able to hold boat pose again.  Even if it was just for a bit – I was able to hold it without pleurisy pain – my core was struggling though!

I also took my measurements on a whim and was pleasantly surprised!  I’ll be sharing those with you soon since next week crosses the 9 month mark! (Can’t believe its been that long!)  While my weight loss could be better – the proof is in the “lack” of pudding!  Inches are still coming off and I can see muscle tone in my still flabby arms.  I think I’m doomed to have bat wings forever but if I can at least make them smaller I’ll take it!  I was cautious around the holidays but in January did some solid work and then February hit and I was plagued with a horrible cold that manifested into pleurisy so I’m hoping March stays a good month for me!

This weeks goal is to have at least 5 days of exercise, just adding on one more day than last week.  I’m excited to still be committed to this journey and I’ve been working on eating cleaner and smarter.  While snacking on sweets or salty snacks is a major weakness I’m working on eating a smaller portion to kill the craving or reach for a healthier alternative like fresh fruit.

Thanks for reading and helping keep me accountable on this journey!

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