Avon Monday – I’m an Avon Lady! (New Series)

A few weeks ago I decided to take the plunge and dive into Avon.  My mom sold it for years while I was growing up – I think that’s what started this whole makeup, jewelry, accessory obsession of mine!  I’m going to attempt doing weekly posts about Avon products, sales, and specials going on every Monday.  This way you can visit my store and score some good deals if you’re interested.  This week there is a HUGE lip product sale going on!  This sale will make lip sticks, glosses, crayons, and stains $4 each if you buy 5!  This sale goes until March 29, 2015 so click the link and shop around!

Visit My Avon Store
Free shipping every day on orders over $35 – order at my store and ship it to your door!  No need to find times to meet or pay any more, it can all be done online!


3 thoughts on “Avon Monday – I’m an Avon Lady! (New Series)

  1. Selena Hannah says:

    This is nice. Now, I can stay on top of when I want to shop at Avon instead of getting a monthly flyer. Let’s face it, I have too many magazines lying around to go through my Avon. lol

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