GL Gets Fit #33 { 9 month update! }

Honoring The Awareness of The Soul. The Being with the Only Sight of Light is within Body, Known as Door to Heavens. Coming into Raw Awareness of the Universe.Hi Loves!  NINE MONTHS (almost)!!! Holy cow!  I had no idea when I started this on June 26, 2014 where it would take me, how long I’d last, or if any changes would really come from it.  There have been good, amazing, and depressing points along the way.  Lets dig in! In the past week I managed to work in 4 days of yoga and one evening of shopping with a lot of walking so does that count as day 5?!  I’ll let you decide.  This week has been pretty insightful. There are moments when it feels like the stars align and whatever is bugging you or eating at your brain just becomes clear and you know that its going to be ok.  I had one of those this week – like despite hard work and not feeling like you’re making progress there’s a moment when it all comes together and you just know that things are working out the way they are supposed to.  I won’t get into details but its a great feeling! Now…on to the 9 month notes.  In the beginning I went from pretty much no exercise to 4-6 days of exercise a week averaging about half an hour.  Some days its more, others less but for the most part 30-45 minutes clears my head and leaves me weak!  In November I could feel my anxiety acting up, feeling like things were bothering me way more than they should, or uncontrollable things would set me into a panic of sorts.  Since December I’ve manged to sort of wrangle my anxiety and focus on putting myself in a better place emotionally, mentally, and physically.  I’ve also been keeping an eye on my heart rate, that has steadily dropped in the past couple of months as well.  Ironic how that happened!  My blood pressure is also about where it was in high school so I’ll take it and its a pretty good number. I’ve always read how everyone is capable of loving exercise, they just have to find what works for them.  I really think thats how yoga is working out for me.  I’m gaining lean muscle in my arms, shoulders, back, and legs.  My core…well, its a work in progress!  However I LOVE being able to find poses that I could barely do in December becoming just a little bit easier.  I’ve found satisfaction and jello legs after trying and holding half moon this week…in December I couldn’t come close.  I’m sure its far from perfect but thats the beauty of trying and its still small victories like that that keep me going. Yoga has also forced me to clear my head, focus on the present moment, and attempt to live in it.  Try doing half moon or tree pose barefoot (shoes make it so much easier!) while your mind is elsewhere…if you can good for you!  Me…I will topple over! Now the moment I’ve been itching to share… my inches list.  Its still not a ton but one inch at a time… numbers are inches I’ve lost since June 26, 2014 Bust – 3.5″ – down .5 inch since my 6 months Waist – 6.75″ – same at 6 months Hips – 4.75″ – down 1″ since 6 months Upper Arm – 2″ down .5″ since 6 months Upper Thigh – 4.5″ – down 1.25″ since 6 months Total Inches Lost = 21.5″ I’m really looking forward to the day when I can say I’ve lost over 24″ or 2 FEET! 🙂  Ironically, my weight loss range has been between 13-15 pounds since June 26, 2014 so I’m going on a limb to say that it must be muscle mass building in its space.  As with each of these posts – thank you for sticking along and reading. xo ~ Jen

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