GL Gets Fit #35 {April Challenge!}

You dont have to go fast, you just have to go.  Been trying to remember to walk everyday and just remember that it's not a race and all I have to do is just get up and go!Hi Loves!  I’m adding a new 30 day challenge into the books.  I’ve missed 30 day challenges since I haven’t really done one since January with my 30 days of yoga challenge (which I still do off and on – I LOVE those videos!).  To piggyback on last week’s post about being accountable and wearing my vivofit I’m going to hit – or try – to do this walking challenge by one of my favorite walking workout guru’s Leslie Sansone.  I used to do her videos all the time and took a step back to focus on yoga.  This months challenge is to hit 10,000 steps by day 30.  So far as of day 7 when you’re reading this I’ve completed every day and often cross over the goal.  (see challenge below) For a beginner or advanced level chart visit my fitness pal’s blog.  (She is a great leader in walking videos – if you’re interested in walking at home – seriously – check her out! She’s amazing!)

My typical day has me hovering around 3-4,000 steps if I don’t try to move very much.  Hitting 8,000 steps this week…will be a challenge but I like that she increases your steps slowly so its not like BAM! Walk 10,000 steps.  Fingers crossed I can keep this going.  I’m also going to continue my 4-6 yoga workouts again this week.  I really love relaxing after work to yoga.  And to help me hit my “steps” goal I often set the timer on my phone and do my own walking in place or marching around the room, or even dancing along to music.  On Sunday night I did 30 minutes and blew right past my goal of 7,000 steps.  Plus at the end of a delicious Easter weekend – I felt the need to walk some of it off! 🙂

How many steps do you walk?  Would you consider one of these challenges if you had a pedometer?

Thanks for stopping by Gracious Luck!

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3 thoughts on “GL Gets Fit #35 {April Challenge!}

      • Radiantly Shaping Me says:

        You’re welcome. Cool, you’ve already got one week down! Yeah I think the hard part is to find ways to keep moving to get steps in if I don’t get most of the steps in at once.

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