Avon Eyeshadow Primer {Review}

Hi Loves!  So I’m an avon lady now, in addition to being a sales rep, I’m also interested in really trying several of their products and sharing with you my thoughts…my honest thoughts.  If I don’t like something – I’ll let you know – but you know that by now! 🙂

This week’s featured product is Avon’s Eyeshadow Primer.  I’ve been putting it through the paces for about a month now.  Its one of the first products I wanted to try from Avon when I became a representative.  I love a good eye primer.  I’ve tried Clarins (hated), Kat Von D (LOVE), Victorias Secret Pro (Love – no longer available), and a handful of others.  This one is right up there in my LOVE it category and its at a really good price.  Currently It is still sale for $3.99 but even when its not on sale its $7.00.  Either way its a great price for the quality of the product.

I love that its a thin consistency compared to some brands but it still works wonderfully.  You know I’m pretty fair so this just blends right into my skin.  If you have medium to dark skin tones this could also work as a light shadow for you. My preferred method is to apply this primer – then a cream shadow – then my eyeshadow.  With this mix my shadow can easily last 12+ hours without creasing that usually happens after just a couple with no primer.

Bottom Line – this is definitely a BUY it product for me.  Whether you buy it from my store or not – I’d still recommend checking this out.  Avon has changed its shipping to free shipping on any order over $40 instead of $35 like it used to be but if you check out my facebook page I post when you can get free shipping on smaller orders.

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Thanks for stopping by Gracious Luck today – do you wear eyeshadow primers? What is your favorite primer?

11 thoughts on “Avon Eyeshadow Primer {Review}

  1. Samantha Penninipede says:

    I’ve never tried Avon products but I’ve heard good things! My aunt uses their skincare and does a big haul once a year. It’s great that there’s a good, affordable primer available! I don’t usually wear a primer, since i typically have a cream shadow on underneath any powders, but when I do it’s either the $1 ELF one or the one included in the big NYC palettes.

    • jen says:

      I’ve never tried the elf one yet. I have really oily lids so I have to layer it on otherwise I might get 2 hours before the creasing starts! 😉

  2. TheFeminineFiles says:

    This sounds really great! I have only tried shadow primers from Urban Decay and Too Faced, but they always separate in the tube and it irritates me! I really want to try this potted style now!

  3. neversaydiebeauty says:

    Because I have dry eye and blepharitis, I can’t stray too much from what I know works. I’ve been using Urban Decay Anti-aging Primer Potion for ages, and it doesn’t irritate my eyelids so I stick with it. But $3.99, what a great deal! And the results sound very impressive

  4. Selena Hannah says:

    Can you try it to see how much wear you get if you use the primer and only a cream and only a powder? I tend to be in a rush before work and only put on primer than one shadow product. I have the ELF eye primer in a stick and by lunch time, no eye shadow. I’m going to use up the stick (its actually a great eye brightener/concealer). I’m planning on buying an Avon order possibly for my birthday, but if not, at the end of the summer, because I know they have FANTASTIC sales then on all of the summer products, plus regulars as well.

    • jen says:

      Hi! I’ve tried it with just cream shadow and just eyeshadow but I can’t get past a couple hours unless I layer all three. I have that problem with any primer I’ve tried…so far! 🙂 I’m with you – I wish I could just do eyeshadow and not mess with the whole process but on those days I just skip eyeshadow all together!

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