GL Gets Fit #36 {walk it off!}

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Hi Loves!  This week marks entering the 3rd week of my 30 day walking challenge.  So far I’m happy to report as of today (Tuesday April 14) I have completed and exceeded every day!!! YAY!!!

In week two I transitioned from 7,500 steps to 8,000 steps.  When I started this hitting 7,000 seemed like a lot.  Now I’m doing over 8,000 and that looming 10,000 by the end of the month seems scary but attainable!  I’ve found that what works for me during the week is to try and hit my goal or close to it before I eat supper.  This idea may not always work once I get closer to the end but for now it works for me to hit my goal steps before I work on blogging or my various side projects in the evenings.  I also find myself wanting to walk more at work or randomly get up every hour or so and take a hundred steps here and there to keep my vivofit happy and get me one step closer to meeting my goal for the day. (pun intended!)

After a fun weekend with my family – and eating out a couple times and snacks – I still lost two pounds since last week’s weigh in! 🙂  I chalk it up to walking more? And also using my fitness pal to remind me of how I’m using my daily calorie allowance.  I view calories as money – how much will this chocolate impact my daily calorie budget?  Is it worth using up 400 calories for a sweet snack?  I’d never have thought I’d find myself sneaking in walking here and there and doing 5-15 minutes of walking on my lunch break!  Plus – I’ve already crossed over 500 fitness minutes in April!  Fingers crossed I can hit 1000 fitness minutes in April!  How cool would that be?!

Thanks for stopping by – have a wonderful day!

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