GL Gets Fit #37 {realization}

Yoga can help you even more on the days you really don't wanna get on the mat. When you show up for your yoga practice, your yoga practice shows up for you.Hi Loves!  Welcome to Week 37!! How awesome to have been on this journey for 37 weeks and I don’t plan on ending any time soon.  If nothing else, this has turned into a journal of sorts for me, each week I put my thoughts about improving myself and if I can help someone besides myself, mission accomplished.  

I realized this week that I’m back in the yoga groove.  I find myself craving my daily practice for the solitude.  I clear my mind, I push myself into crazy positions, and find improvements along the way.  Somehow I’m also tapping into something new, I gain a unique sense of awareness that yoga instructors talk about.  I’m noticing how my body can tell me things.  Its not like its yelling at me, but somehow I feel that I can do more but also realize my limitations.  I’ve never been into working out or exercising on a regular basis – but now – I find myself wanting to move.  Either in yoga poses or movements like walking.  (mind blown!)

Lastly – an update to the walking challenge – I’m now into week 3!  I’ve successfully walking 8,000-8,500 steps a day and still often times exceeding that.  I’ve also found that I like breaking it up into 15-30 minute walking sessions here and there. I can see the last 10 days are in sight and in my last week I’ll be hitting the 10,000! (yikes!)

Thanks for stopping by and reading my update – I can’t wait to see what the next week brings!

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