Wonka Randoms {candy review!}

Hi Loves!  To contradict my GL Gets Fit Series – here’s a candy review! 🙂  Actually – part of my plan is to have something sweet daily if I want it.  The success to losing weight and making a lifestyle change for me has been allowing small “treats” if I really want them.  I’d rather have some small treat rather than binge out on candy bars or other sweets.

Thank you to Smiley360 for allowing me to try these for FREE! 🙂  I get to try a bag for free and share my honest opinions with you!  To be honest – I like these so much I ate my free bag and then bought a bag to have around for when I “randomly” want a random gummy! 🙂

What are Randoms?
Wonka Randoms are fantastically random gummy candy treats. Wonka makes them in 70 different shapes, 7 fruit flavors, and 3 gummy candy textures — traditional gummy; jam-filled gummy; and a dual-layered gummy with a whipped marshmallow back. Then we mix them all up so you never know which combo you’ll find next!

  • Made With No Artificial Flavors
  • Made With Added Colors From Natural Sources
  • Made With Real Fruit Juice
  • 10 oz. resealable bag is $2.78 @ Walmart.com

My thoughts – 
These are super delicious!  To be honest – I’m not a real big fan of gummies because they stick to my teeth or taste fake.  These don’t stick to my teeth and are really yummy!  The flavors of these seem more intense than some gummies and I like that.  I also love the fun shapes and you never know what you’re going to pull out of the bag.

Bottom Line –
Buy it!  Honestly – I’ll probably buy another bag when I get thru these!  You can eat 10 if you want for 140 calories – I usually eat 3 or 4 and I’m done.  Thats all I need for my sugar fix!  Its a little sweet without breaking my “calorie bank”.  Granted these are by no means deemed a “healthy” food but they are a fun alternative to try every now and then!

Thanks for stopping by – have you tried these?  Do you like gummy candies?

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