GL Gets Fit #38 {compliments?!}

<3 Want to hear these words more often? <3 Check out what HIIT is and how it can torch fat, even while you are sleeping!Hi Loves!  It happened this weekend.  I got the “have you lost weight?” question from friends that I last saw a couple months ago!!!  I’m not good with compliments so was taken aback by it!  At the same time I was just giddy from hearing that – I guess when you only see people once or twice a year and they notice, I feel like I must have made some decent changes.

This week I’m entering the final days of my 30 day walking challenge and I’m crossing into the 10,000 steps mark Monday – Thursday.  I know its doable but it still seems like a lot coming from someone who was lucky to get 5000 steps in a day!  However – I now set benchmarks like getting 2500 steps in before lunch – walking 15 minutes over my lunch break for another 1000-1500 steps – and then finishing up my walking goal before 8PM.  So far its working for me and I hope to carry forward the momentum!

In May I’m looking at a new challenge focused on my arms to help define them.  I’m also continuing yoga for at least 3-5 days a week and love it.  After attempting a yoga pose called Wheel last week – I realized how weak my arms still are.  I want to continue working on them and maintaining my yoga practice and keep improving that one day at a time.  I am looking forward to sharing my final thoughts on the 30 day walking challenge with you next week and introducing a new challenge.

Thanks for stopping by this week!

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