GL Gets Fit #39 { 105 miles & 2 challenges! }

The hardest thing about losing weight is accepting yourself. You can do as many sit up and squats as you want, eating nothing but lettuce and apples, but you are YOU!!!Hi Loves!  I completed my 30 day Walking Challenge last week!  I walked over 10,000 steps Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday!!  In the month of April I walked 259,396 steps – averaged 8,646 steps a day – 60,522 steps a week – and walked roughly 105 miles!!! (HOLY WOW!)  Not bad for a girl with an office job that pretty much requires 8+ hrs a day of sitting in front of a computer!

Stats like that really make me happy!  It could be why I like accounting and bookkeeping so much! 🙂  I’m happy with the challenge and now am focusing on hitting a minimum of 8,000 steps a day but my goal will remain 10,000.  In the process of the April challenge – I also found for the first time – ever – I logged over 1100 minutes of exercise!   That’s approximately 18 hrs of exercise.  My next goal will to keep it up and maybe hit 1500 fitness minutes?!  In this last month – I’ve seen mental changes.  I want to exercise, I want to see my steps go up, I want to hit 10,000 steps, and I don’t dread movement as much as I used to.  I feel like a transition has been happening all along – but I can tell you with about a 1000% certainty that 6 months ago – or even 3 months ago I doubt I would try my hand at 2 challenges in addition to yoga and getting my steps in.

Why two challenges and not one?  Both seemed simple and attainable with a little grit and sweat!  Honestly – I’m mainly focused on walking off a plateau that I’ve been stuck on for the past month or so weight wise.  Plus – I really what to get a yoga wheel pose and at the moment it feels nearly impossible.  Maybe a stronger core and arms will help.  Yoga continues to be my saving grace.  It keeps me in a good place mentally and physically – so as long as its working – I’m going to keep doing it!  The amount of peace and relaxation I feel after a restorative practice is exactly what I need after a long and crazy day.

Now – quick blurb about my challenges in May.  One is a 28 day challenge and one is 30 days.  The first challenge I found is the Brazen Fit Arms – its 28 days and after four of them…I can totally feel it working over muscles I forgot about!  The second is from my fitness pal – the same people who gave me my walking challenge in April.  May’s challenge is a spin off on the plank challenge and so far – I’m holding my own.

*Side note – when I did my first plank challenge last fall, holding a plank for 30 seconds seemed impossible.  My first day on that challenge I could barely hold 10 seconds.  The first day of this plank challenge asks you to take a test and see how long you can hold a plank in good form.  I held it for one minute and 25 seconds – I could have probably gone a bit longer but each week I check in to see if I can make it any longer and at the end I’ll see if I’ve improved my time.  I’m happy to know that I was able to hold it for as long as I did!

Now – here are the challenges if you’d like to jump on them with me!

Thank you for reading and continuing to inspire and motivate me along this journey!

Define Your Arms | Brazen Fit

30-day plank challenge infographic v5

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