GL Gets Fit #40 {two is too much!}

move it.Hi Loves! I tried for a week and a half of two challenges but its just not working out for me. I was working late this week and just couldn’t find the motivation for the plank challenge, yoga, an arm challenge, and getting my steps in.  I had a recovery/lazy day on  Friday and while I’m motivated to stick with the arm challenge the plank challenge is too much right now.

I’ve also been feeling off this week.  I’m craving sweets like crazy, lacking motivation for working out and really having to push myself to get steps and exercise in.  While I’m all for motivation – some times – in real life – you just have a down week.  My body has also been hurting – I’m not sure if thats from working to get 10,000 steps in every day or the crazy weather we’ve had but a rest day was nice.  Easing back into walking over the weekend has been good, but I still feel in a bit of a down curve.  Hopefully I can snap out of this funk soon!  Its been too good of a run to let something get in my way now! 🙂

On a positive note – my arm challenge is going along really well and I’m starting to see and feel more definition in these flabby arms of mine! I love it – if I’m going to have giant arms…they might as well be muscle! Or mostly muscle…not sure these bat wings will ever die! 🙂  I’m up to doing over 50 arm curls using 8lb weights twice a day and over 30 push ups and chair dips.  I kind of wish I had taken a before picture just to see if there is any real difference.

Thanks for stopping by – lots of reviews will be coming your way soon!  I’ve been chosen as a brand ambassador for Covergirl & StriVectin! 🙂

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