Covergirl The Super Sizer Mascara { first impressions }

Hi Loves!  I was contacted by Covergirl and asked if I wanted to try some new products from them. (Ummm…YES!)

*Disclaimer – I was sent this for free from Covergirl – I did not buy it but will share my honest opinion with you on the product.

I’m honored to be part of the group of beauty bloggers that has received a lovely package in the mail with free mascara and eyeliner. This post is a first impressions for their newest mascara – The Super Sizer Mascara!  It claims 400% corner to corner volume!  And it has a unique lash styler that has short bristles and longer ones.  The color they sent me is 800 Very Black.   This retails at Walmart for $5.94.

I’ve used this a couple times and these are my immediate thoughts on the mascara.

First – I’m a minority on this but I’m not a fan of silicone (spikey) bristle brushes.  I always seem to poke my eye with it and blink and make a mess!  Honestly – besides my lack of coordination, the silicone bristle brushes put too much product on my lashes for my liking.  I tend to gravitate towards mascara with natural bristle brushes – they give a natural look that I prefer.  Some ladies I love can rock a thick layered mascara look but its just not my style.

Next – The design of the brush.  The brush itself it rotates between a row of super short bristles followed by a row of longer bristles.  The short bristles get the base of your lash line and then you spin or twirl the wand as you move out the lashes to distribute the product. This in itself takes some time to figure out – and as I mentioned above my lack of coordination – I can’t figure it out!!  I also had an issue with getting too much product on the lashes causing them to clump together and give me spider lashes.  Again..some girls can rock that look but I can’t pull it off!

Bottom Line – I had some challenges the first few times I’ve tried it and so far – I’m not that into it.  In the past I’ve loved the original lash blast and despite the silicone bristles that is a mascara that I really like and would buy in the future.  I also think once this dries out it might improve.  I’ll continue to keep working with it but right now – its a pass for me.

Huge thanks to Covergirl for reaching out to me and asking if I’d like to try this!  Have you tried this?  If you like it – what’s your trick to make it work?!  What is your favorite drugstore mascara?

Thanks for stopping by Gracious Luck today!

11 thoughts on “Covergirl The Super Sizer Mascara { first impressions }

  1. neversaydiebeauty says:

    That is not a good look, Jeni! Too bad, but you’re not the only one. As I mentioned, I apply it just like any other mascara, but then I love short bristled wands like this or like Too Faced Lashgasm. I apply it with the wand in the normal position and then I use the tip to lengthen and color any lashes that don’t have enough. On the rare occasion that a couple of lashes stick together, I use the tip to separate them. I get perfectly defined, fanned out lashes. I guess I’m lucky that it works very well for me.

    • jen says:

      🙂 I know right!! And the more I tried to fix it or separate the lashes the worse it got for me. Its going to my pass pile. I’m bummed I normally like Covergirl mascaras but this one just doesn’t seem to work for me and my lashes!

  2. Chelsea @ Olive & Ivy says:

    I didn’t even read the instructions to twirl hahaha, I just applied like normal. It was a bit gloopy to start with but I found that it spread out really well without clumping. So far I’m liking it- my lashes are long and separated with this.

  3. Collective Beauty (@Julie0728) says:

    How awesome that they reached out to you, but bummer about your experience. I also hate plastic wands, I much prefer natural bristles because I feel like they glide through my lashes better. This might be good for bottom lashes though!

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