GL Gets Fit #42 {Memorial Day!}

Be mindful of what you are eating during the winter months.Hi Loves!  I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend and a chance to enjoy an extra day with friends and family.  Memorial Day is a big tradition in my family.  My dad and uncles served in/during Vietnam, and my Grandpa was in the Army in WWII.  Observing Memorial Day has been a tradition I grew up with – the thought of not taking part in some observation seems odd but I think I’m a minority in formally observing it at a graveside service.  None the less – I still thank and honor all veterans.  If you don’t attend services its okay, you can still thank or recognize the veterans in your life in your own way.

This weekend was filled with a busy work day for me taking pictures for 3 families in one day – spending about an hour hiking a state park for one session – and a lot of wonderful home made goodies at a potluck or some that my mom had set aside for me!  (Thanks mom!)  I’ve learned though this journey that cutting various foods out of my life entirely isn’t realistic.  I like cake and cookies and chips.  One piece or one cookie won’t make me fat – it was a life of eating what I want and as much of it as I wanted that got me to an unhealthy place in my life. My new motto is “less is more.”  I can still have a small piece – I don’t need to eat a giant piece to get my sweet or salty fix.  Its a hard road but I take it one step at a time.

This week I continued with my yoga practice 3 days and walked at least 7000 steps every day.  A few days I crossed 10,000!  My goal is to keep walking and doing an arm workout twice a week until I can beef my arms up and not annoy my pinched nerve as much.  I did one this past week and thought I could do an intense 5 minute arm workout with an 8lb weight in each hand.  I did it but with poor form towards the end and boy were my triceps angry for a few days! 🙂  I think I’ll do it again with my 5lb weights!

I’ll be wrapping up my my 11th month this week!  Amazing that next month I’ll cross the one YEAR mark!?! What???!!!  Can’t wait to see what progress has been made in the past month and share some updated numbers with you!

As always thank you for reading and joining me on this journey of finding a healthier lifestyle and all my bumps and triumphs along the way! ❤

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