GL Gets Fit #43 {running numbers}

don't let a number define youHi Loves!  I DID IT! I set a goal to get at least 1500 fitness minutes in and I did!  Actually I got 1640 – or – 27.33 hours! Granted my weight isn’t changing a lot but I’m holding my current low so I’ll take not gaining weight and getting my numbers in.  Its still a struggle for me to find healthy and filling foods.  I really struggled this past weekend with cravings and staying hungry.  This week I’m going to try to focus on what I’m eating and make sure I’m putting good things into my body that will keep me feeling full so I’m not reaching for snacks.  At least I was reaching for fruit instead of chips or chocolate BUT…I’d rather be full than scrambling for snacks.

Honestly – weight hasn’t been my true focus in this journey – more of a perk.  I was worried about high blood pressure and becoming pre-diabetic since type 2 runs in my family.  Watching my grandma and dad deal with daily insulin injections left an impression on me!  In addition to that serious heart problems also run in my family – my dad passed away of congestive heart failure at 59.  One of his doctors told me once after a surgery that most of his problems could have been prevented.  That blew my mind at the time.  Why suffer if you don’t have to!?  I didn’t take it too seriously until last June before my wrist surgery and I saw my weight was higher than I thought and my blood pressure was higher than I’d like. (not bad – but not as good as normal)  I should say I’ve been blessed with decent blood pressure and would like to keep it that way!  Since taking on yoga and working out my pulse has dropped quite a bit and my blood pressure is nice and chilled out!

I started tracking my weight and measurements as a bonus to see if things really were changing for me.  Inches have dropped and so has my weight.  I’m seeing definition in my legs and arms that definitely wasn’t there a year ago and I love it!  To say its been easy – would be a lie – its a struggle every single day.  Its little things like finding a shirt that fits again or dropping a size in jeans that helps keep me motivated.  Compliments from friends and family also help especially if they didn’t know I’ve been working on getting healthier – but I still like them regardless of who tells me! Who doesn’t like hearing “you look good!” or “have you lost weight?” 🙂

Big NEWS – crossed the 11 month mark last week!  It amazes me that I’ve stuck to writing these weekly for 11 months and don’t plan on stopping any time soon.  Before I jump into my 11 month update – here are a few more numbers for May.  (I love my garmin vivofit and the fact that it helps me track steps.  Its wonderful for a numbers nerd like me!)

In May I had the following:
Steps 280,139 – Increase of 20,743 Steps compared to April
Daily Average 9,036 – Increase of 390 step compared to April Daily average
Weekly Average 63,252 – Increase of 2,730 steps compared to April Weekly Average
Distance Walked 117 miles – Increase of 12 miles compared to April

In 11 Months – Here are my changes:
Bust – lost 5 inches
Waist – Lost 6.75 inches
Hips – Lost 5.75 inches
Upper Arm Flab – Lost 2.5 inches
Upper Thigh Flab – Lost 5 inches
Total Inches Lost since June 26, 2014 – 25 INCHES <—-what?!?!

You know I’m a numbers nerd but seeing that – typing it – reading it – doesn’t seem possible.  I know at the same time I’m gaining muscle mass so even if the weight number doesn’t show that I’ve lost a ton of weight by now – I’ll take my inches and say overall I’ve lost over 2 feet!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for reading and helping hold my feet to the fire when I feel like I want to throw in the towel.  Even though this is one of my least read posts – I appreciate the few of you who do read it!  I couldn’t have done it with out you! ❤

xo ~ jen

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