GL Gets Fit #44 {dolphins!}

4 MOOD-BOOSTING YOGA INVERSIONSHi Loves!  This week I conquered a new pose.  Well I held a new pose – not sure how good it looked but I didn’t fall over! This week I learned how to do the dolphin pose.  Just like the picture I started in tabletop and then stuck my butt up and left my forearms on the floor.

The day after first trying it – I was feeling it in my shoulders and upper arms.  It was a totally new pose to me and really puts those muscles to work.   Unlike a down dog that focuses on arm strength – this comes from your shoulders and chest area.  Also by clasping my hands I felt more comfortable and distributing my weight into my arms and feeling stable.  I did it once and then an hour later I did it again – and again the next day.  I really like it and love how I feel it stretching and strengthening my upper back and shoulders.

This week I also started a new yoga challenge in June.  Its through My Yoga Works – a website that has tons of yoga videos for a subscription.  I found it on groupon a few months back – bought a year and just started digging into it in May when I got an email asking if I wanted to join their challenge.  Its 21 days of yoga – and the first week was fairly intense on the beginner level but I like the idea of changing up my instructors.  While I love Yoga with Adrienne – and couldn’t thank her enough for opening my eyes to yoga – the change of pace has been a nice alternative.  I still love Adrienne’s videos but ironically she is taking June off after surgery so the timing is ideal.  Its also nice that with My Yoga Works you also get a mix of teachers, I think now I’ve had 4 or 5 different teachers in 7 videos (day 6 was a rest day!).

May challenges were an epic fail!  I think I bit off way more than I could attempt to chew!  I failed at both the arm challenge and the plank challenge.  I’m still doing some arm work twice a week to help make those bat wings smaller but think I’ll stick with what I know works and that’s yoga, walking, and free weights.  Mixing up my sessions with the plan from My Yoga Works has been wonderful at getting me to try new poses and tweak the way I do existing ones.

The first week of June has been wonderful – sore from a new yoga practice but sore in a good way! I plan on continuing my plan of daily yoga and a minimum of 8000 steps daily and 5,000 steps on weekends.  I want to scale back my minimum a bit on weekends when I’m with family but will still shoot for 10,000 steps goals.  I’ll also be traveling some in June so I’m not sure where my steps goal will line up at the end of the month but one step at a time we’ll find out!

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

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