GL Gets Fit #46 {almost a year!}

 Hi Loves!  Its “ALMOST” a year since I started this journey but I didn’t start my GL Gets Fit Series until last August so that’s why my posts are off by a few weeks. Anyways – I’ll reflect on the one year mark in next weeks post.  I officially cross the 1 year mark on June 26 which is Friday!! 

Without getting too deep I felt this week’s quote was fitting, except in 2013 I was still pretty lazy.  I focused on 2014 to start forming a habit of exercise, and now that I’m in a routine, lets keep the momentum going!  Oh and I’m down another pound and a half since last week’s weigh in which makes me ecstatic!

In the past week I finished up my Yoga Works for Summer challenge which was 21 days of yoga with three Saturdays off.  I successfully completed this and didn’t miss a single day! (YAY!)  Last night I picked up a session with my old friend Yoga With Adrienne.  After spending 21 days with a completely different style of teaching it was refreshing to come back to her.  Her style is still one of my favorites, its very chill and relaxing while pushing myself at the same time.  If you’re debating yoga I’d recommend her in a heartbeat but pick one of her beginner videos and see how you feel about it.

At the end of the week I’ll be traveling for a family reunion – I really hope that a road trip and snacks won’t get the best of me but it is what it is.  I might try to sneak some yoga into the mix because after over 6 hours of being crunched up in a car…my body is going to need some stretching!  Now its trying to figure out if I should take my yoga mat with me…I should look into getting a travel mat!

I am looking forward to hiking around in the Black Hills of South Dakota this coming weekend.  I’m not sure how much I’ll get in, but its so beautiful there that I’ll have to be out in it a little.  I also know that my steps will be down this month – they have to be because instead of walking every night to hit 10,000 like I was in May, I’ve been doing 30-60 minute yoga sessions.  I love my garmin vivofit, and I still wear it every single day.  I love looking down and seeing that number motivate me to get up and put a few more steps in but my focus hasn’t been on hitting a number as much as getting my exercise in.

I can say that since December yoga has been my saving grace.  I thought it was all hoaky in the beginning. Can something so basic as moving around on a mat be so good?  Yes. Yes it can.  I know now that my yoga practice has gotten me through some frustrating and trying moments and I’m feeling better inside and out.  Granted this winter (February) the cold from hell tried to take me down and lets never for get the hellish pain from pleurisy – but once I healed up I kept on going.

Before I get too deep into thinking about how things have changed over a year I’ll stop and save something for next week!

Thanks for stopping by! xo

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