GL Gets Fit #47 {road trip & lessons learned}

One workout at a time, One day at a time, One meal at a time #motivation #fitfluential #fitquoteHi Loves!  At the end of last week I officially crossed the 1 year mark!!!  YAY!! Also on that day I embarked on a 6 hour road trip with my family to the black hills of South Dakota.  If you’ve been in that part of the country you know its rural enough that there are few convenience stores along the interstate and even fewer healthy choices. (Confession: I was making a few bad food choices the day before we left too…)

I learned several things on this trip.  First – after taking 3 days off, over 12 hours driving time, and spending it at a family reunion…I gained 3 pounds.  Ouch…that hurts writing it when I had a good thing going.  However – its my own doing, I did not realize that it was that easy to fall off the wagon.  I sort of assumed that if anything – I would maintain my weight or maybe gain a pound, not 3! :O  I know from past experiences if I’m bored I eat – and there isn’t much to look at 90% of the time so I snacked.  I did pick up some fruit for the trip home but…too little too late!

Lesson Learned: Pack better snacks and break the snacks up into serving sizes.  I need to know when I get to the bottom of my baggie – and eat my 8 crackers – its time to put it away, not grab another handful.

Next – I found that I really did miss exercise and movement of some sort.  After doing yoga for 21 days or walking a lot, I knew that my body needed to uncrunch and unwind.  However when we got to our destination we put our things in the hotel and went to see family.  When I’m used to some sort of exercise daily and then just stop my body can tell and so can the scale! (I did take a 45 minute walk around my favorite place in the hills Sylvan Lake but I don’t really consider it exercise.)
Lesson Learned: Make time to work out.  Even if it means waking up early or doing it later at night – do it.  Just get off your tired and dragging ass and go do it.  That would have helped burn off some of my food choices along the way.

Last – family.  My first two lessons were based on mistakes I made, but this is a good thing!  Family is important.  Getting to see cousins I hadn’t seen for a few years was wonderful.  Just kicking back with them was great to recharge and realize how much you’ve missed them.  Even spending 12 hours cooped up in a car with my mom and brother was interesting but a great way for us all to reconnect.  Today our lives are all over the place, we’re doing our own things, have jobs, families, responsibilities – for 3 days we all sort of put it aside and focused on family and reconnecting.
Lesson Learned: Always make time for family.  Even if you gained 3 pounds you strengthen relationships and at the end of the day you will always have your family at your side no matter how fat or skinny you are.

I planned on writing a post to reflect on my one year anniversary but its hard to see a silver lining when I gained weight last week. This week its back to exercising and eating smarter.  No more diner food, snack food, or fast food.  Time to take it back to basics and get back into cleaner eating and making my own foods.  There is nothing wrong with sweets – but it has more to do with my will power when I’m in a car and there’s nothing better to do!

Next week will be my one year recap – I since I’m off – I’ll take my measurements once I drop those 3 pesky pounds.  I’ve learned through this – if they can come on that fast, typically they can drop that fast if I really work for it.  (Keep your fingers crossed!)

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