GL Gets Fit #50 {plateaus} Weight Loss Motivation | "Weight" No Longer LLC | Niantic, CT Loves!  I think my pre-trip weight was a fluke…I’ve been stuck around the same pound – give or take half a pound for two weeks!  ACK!! Here’s what happens – you start healthy habits and then your body looses weight at a decent rate and then comes a point that almost everyone on this journey hits – a wall.  Eating less, exercising more, and you still are stuck.  

Its time to change things up again.  I’m still going strong on 20+ days of my squat challenge and let me tell you – its getting easier but my thighs still hate me!  I need to decide if I want to continue with my 10,000 steps a day strategy or go back to a month of yoga next week.

Your body gets used to things and finds ways to stay efficient and keep you going. Changing the game randomly tricks it into burning more calories- more burn can help with loosing weight.  I also need to try and add in weights again.  My arm challenge was good until I aggravated an old injury so maybe I’ll look into more arm work.

I’ve been trying to cut back on food but really that just leaves me hangry so I need to find more satisfying foods and try a better mix in my exercise routine.  I’ve crossed the year mark and in two weeks I’ll cross the year mark with these posts.  I’d like to break thru my wall by then but its really anyone’s guess if I’ll be able to do it.

All along these posts I’ve tried my hardest to keep it real.  This is real life – some times you get stuck.  I’m not gaining really so thats the silver lining here but dang I’d like to get off that stinking number already!!  I also need to be real and say that this isn’t really about that number – that number just annoys the crap out of me.  Really – I’ve made some significant changes in the past year.  Forming healthier habits than I’ve ever had and finding how enjoyable exercise can really be.  Now its time to up the ante and kick that number off my scale.  I need to cut back on salty foods – chips and crackers are a serious weakness and I could be adding extra water weight with more salt in my system.  I’m not getting rid of anything in my diet yet – just trying to find a healthy balance between it all.

This week I’ll continue trying a day or two of yoga and getting steps in but think next week its back to the drawing board to see what will work for August.  WAIT?! August? Already?! Wow…August is my birthday month so that will be fun and I better damn well kick that plateau in the next month or I’m going to go crazy!

Thanks for reading along this week! 🙂

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