GL Gets Fit #51 {finding what works}

Making time to go outside on a nice day delivers a huge advantage - spending just a few minutes outside in good weather not only boosts positive mood, but broadens thinking and improves working memory. What healthier way to happiness?Hi Loves!  This week was a sort of transition for me.  I successfully did 21 days of the 30 day squat challenge and then…I fell off that wagon.  To be honest – it was a struggle to get my squats in every day.  Not that I wasn’t able, more that I just wasn’t into it.  Which brings me to my topic – finding what works.

You all know that I adore Yoga With Adriene on Youtube and she has a saying – find what feels good.  With a spin on that I say find what works.  In yoga some stretches hit spots that you didn’t even know were tight – which fully supports the “find what feels good” mantra.  When approaching exercise or just movement as like to think of it – I support “finding what works.”  What I love – you might hate – and what you love – I might hate.  Its a give and take and in nearly a year of writing weekly reflections on where I’m at and where I’m headed I’ve learned that if I’m not into something – pushing myself to finish is a giant struggle and usually not worth the internal fight.  I’ve gone back to a old standby – yoga 3 days a week – walking 2 days a week + weight work – and on Saturdays – whatever I want but something.  Sundays are off days for me.  If I have things going on I may sub my “off” day someplace else and exercise on Sundays.

To help keep me on track – every week day at 4:50 – a reminder on my phone says “yoga” or “walk it off” – this serves to get me in the workout mood so when I get home I do something right away before supper.  Most of the time I only work until 5 – so if you try that trick you might want to adjust the time and find what works for you.  I’m not a morning person – so getting my exercise in for the day immediately when I get home from work is the easiest for me.  I also take breaks during the day to get a few more steps in – I like to typically get 15 minutes of “steps” in over my lunch and tack in a few minutes here and there throughout the day.  I even find myself walking more at work to another office or building because it’ll help me get steps in. I’ve gone back to shooting for 10,000 steps a day and have upped my average to around 8600 a day – last month my average was only 6600 a day.

Thanks for reading – and OH most importantly I’m down from last week (only a pound) and broke the damn cursed weight that has been locked on the same freakin number for 3 weeks!!  Fingers crossed I can hold it or drop another!

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