GL Gets Fit #52 {a year in posts!!}

This is so true. If you don't change your ways now, you WILL be in the same in 10 years.... and that's a fact!Happy One Year!!  One year I’ve been writing GL Gets Fit.  I’m surprised that a year has gone by and here I am still writing them, still making a conscious effort to change and improve my life, and seeing a lot of positive changes.

One more reflective post to commemorate a year + a month of lifestyle changes.

Pretty much my entire life I’ve believed in karma…put good out into the world and you’ll get good things in return.  Yet a year ago – I was struggling.  I was depressed, eating horribly, gaining weight, and in a cloudy spot in my life.  I was also in some pretty heavy anxiety.  Mostly because at that time the area I live in was being hit by devastating storms and that total lack of control is what gets me.  I can’t stop a tornado – I have to just sit back and wait.  Not good for me or my Type A tendencies! 🙂

I knew something needed to change.  I wasn’t sure where to even begin or what I wanted to do.  (Hello Pinterest!)  I started looking – researching things for anxiety, exercise, and eating better.  I also stumbled into some challenges that helped get the ball rolling.  (Remember the plank challenge!?)

First and foremost, I knew that I needed to get a handle on my emotions.  I found that in stressful times or times of joy – I found comfort in food.  Its just who I am…  I will always want to reach for something to snack on when I’m stressed but I’m working really hard at realizing its stress making me want food – not hunger.  One of my favorite health bloggers/vloggers is Dani Spies – a nutritionist that explains she recommends making a food journal based on emotion rather than focusing on calories.  This stuck with me.  Do I reach for candy when I’m stressed? Happy? Hungry? Angry? etc.  Surprisingly – a lot of my eating related back to an emotion.  Now I get up and walk in place for a minute or two.  I’ll walk down the hall, water plants, just something to get past that desire to snack.

If I snack – I try to always have fruit or something healthy on me, especially at work.  Its easy to eat crap food, and even easier when its around you all the time.  Another big change is getting crap food out of my space.  My kitchen today compared to a year ago is cleaner and healthier.  Granted my roommate still likes his sweets but its easier for me to avoid them if I realize they aren’t “mine” to begin with so I can’t eat them.   Don’t get me wrong…I had an old Henry bar just a minute ago.  Eating a sweet isn’t bad…eating an entire pan of them is.  Is it easy for me to binge still? – HELL YES.  I work best if I have portion control, if I have one bar in a baggie I eat it and then move on.  If I over eat on anything – I prefer it to be on fruits at least they have some nutritional value!

In a year I’ve found that I like exercise.  (Hold up…did hell just freeze over???)  YES.  I like it!  I may never become a runner or appreciate certain types of exercise but I LOVE yoga.  I LOVE walking workouts. And I LOVE seeing myself get stronger.  A small part of me cannot believe I just typed that – but an even bigger part of me is looking forward to yoga after work tonight!

Enough reflecting – a quick blurb on July to wrap things up.

In July I worked towards improving my steps.  Granted after 21 days of the squat challenge I gave that up but I still improved my steps so I’m happy with it.  I was also hit with a lovely allergy driven sinus cold thing for a few days last week.  Unfortunately I took Thurs-Sunday off from exercise to rest and still take in the county fair with friends & family.  As usual my body still craves movement.  I made up for it Monday & Tuesday with 145 minutes of exercise.  Also – new record set in July!  First time ever I crossed over 1700 fitness minutes!!! Thats over 28 hours of exercise!!  For my steps update – In July I walked 116 miles – and over 264,534 steps.  In comparison in June I walked 198,291 steps, and 82 miles.  An increase of 66,000 steps or 34 miles!  (You know I’m a stats nerd but I LOVE seeing those numbers improve!!)

Thanks for reading my 52nd post!!!  I don’t plan on stopping these any time soon – so thank you for reading and keeping along on the journey!

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