GL Gets Fit #53 {get to steppin}

These Quotes about Weight Loss Are Hilarious - and Motivating ...Hi Loves!  I’ve gotten back into my routine for walking 10,000 steps a day.  Actually – my current trick is to put a show thats around 45 minutes on netflix and walk while I watch it in the evenings.  I don’t get to sit down until the show is over.  That gets me around 5000-6000 steps depending what pace I’m moving at.  I also try to get 5000 steps in before I’m off work, just during my normal day and walking 15-20 minutes over lunch.  I’ve been averaging around 12,000 steps a day the past few days and still give myself one day off a week which is typically Sundays.

My weight loss has plateaued again – I’m not really gaining – and not losing.  I know that a pound or two can easily fluctuate during the week but I’d love to bust thru it – AND maintain it!  I have been up and down the past few days but stuck within that same pound to pound and a half.  I know I’ve been eating some saltier foods so it could be water but I’m still getting my steps in and trying to make good decisions about what I eat.  (Eating out twice this past week at delicious Mexican restaurants probably didn’t help – but I didn’t gain more than a pound and a half so I’ll take it!)

I’ve also focused back on cleaner eating.  Sort of.  Its hard to go from eating frozen dinners, fast food, frozen pizzas, and hamburger helper in college to cooking and eating clean. (Side note – I cannot stand the idea of hamburger helper any more…or McDonald’s really. Bleh!)  I have to admit that college was about 6 years ago but until the past year or so, I kept my unhealthy eating habits in check.  I found that if you shop smarter, and buy quality ingredients you can stay full and not spend a ton of money. (double bonus)  I’m back on my fruit kick and have at least an apple a day but am also working on watermelon – which I LOVE during the summer!  I’m also slowly – very slowly – trying to get into eating veggies.  You know by now its a big struggle for me but baby steps… 🙂

Thanks for reading along this week – I have some beauty reviews to write but wanted to give everything a solid try before posting about them – so stay tuned!

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