GL Gets Fit #54 {small victory}

Weight Loss Motivational Quote! Love it.Hi Loves!  I had one last road trip for the summer.  After the one in June where I gained 3 lbs – I tried really hard to stay conscious of what I ate.  I packed healthy snacks and tried hard to eat small servings instead of an entire bag of something.  I also worked hard to keep getting my steps in and I’m proud to say that even though I didn’t get 10k steps 6 days out of 7 like my goal but I came damn close (just a couple hundred steps short).

My small victory is that getting my steps in, trying to be conscious of my eating, and resisting temptation – I DIDN’T GAIN!  I didn’t lose either but I didn’t gain anything so that is a small victory I’m celebrating!  It was a way to prove to myself that I can accomplish my goal of not over-eating and still trying to maintain my healthy habits.

Any trip can just be physically & mentally draining so yesterday (Monday) I did a relaxing yoga practice that was awesome to help me chill out.  I love being able to actually hear my back, shoulders, hips, and legs cracking back into place!  My yoga practice was half an hour and then I did 50 minutes of walking to hit my goal of 10,000 steps.  I still find that my trick of watching netflix while walking really helps me get to my goals much easier.

I know that each month I’m getting better – now I’m trying to find the perfect balance of yoga & walking so I can do both daily instead of one or the other.  I didn’t realize a year ago how much time exercise could take up to hit your goals but at the same time I feel better doing it – if that means missing out on some tv show, I’ll watch it later on netflix! 🙂

Thank you for reading -have a wonderful week friends!

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