GL Gets Fit #55 {lazy weekend}

Fitness motivation...very true!Hi Loves!  Last weekend was my birthday! 🙂  And since my birthday was on Saturday – I chose to make Saturday AND Sunday rest days.  Ironically I had a migraine on Sunday so two rest days were much needed!

As much as I love exercising and getting my steps in, a rest is necessary so you can give your body a chance to relax and chill.  Granted my steps at the end of the month would have been higher with an extra day of “steps” but its equally important to have a restoring day or weekend!

I thought this quote was fitting – despite a rest weekend, a friend’s birthday party, and a big birthday mud slide – I still lost half a pound.  In the beginning when your body is on track to loosing excess water weight and “fluff” you might notice a gain.  However – where I’ve been exercising on a somewhat regular basis for about a year a rest weekend didn’t really make that much of an impact.  Granted – I didn’t go hog wild and eat a ton of crap food but I didn’t really limit myself either.

I’ve gotten back into 3 days of yoga and getting my steps in last week.  It has been wonderful to get back into my yoga groove and stretch and uncrunch my body.  I really love it and find myself doing some random yoga moves during the day just to loosen up some tight places.

I’m focusing now on mixing up my routine a bit.  My weight is stuck around the same place for a while and I’ve reached the point where my body is now used to my routine and figured out how to maximize my calorie burn and intake to stay where it is.  I’m going to tack on a challenge in September that will hopefully help me burn a few more calories and tap into some more strength building.

So far on this journey – I’m happy at how far I’ve come and the things I can do now that I wouldn’t have dreamed of doing a year and a half ago.  But I’m not content – I still want to drop some more weight but I want do it in a smart way which is why I’m focusing on eating better and exercising.  To this day – I know that strict diets and special drinks just aren’t for me – and I’m cheap! 🙂  I’m bound and determined to figure this out the old fashioned, get off my ass, hard working way.
Thanks for keeping me going! xo

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