GL Gets Fit #56 {lowest weight YET!}

 :  Hi Loves!! It has finally happened. Today 9/1/15 – I reached a new all time low since I began this journey June 26, 2014.  I’m making a big deal out of this because for about 2 months I’ve been stuck around the same few numbers.  I weighed in towards the end of last week and saw this number – but didn’t count it because weekends can change things.  However, not this past weekend.  It was still there this morning for my weigh in!!

I’ve been waiting so long to see that number that I’m elated!  I even ate out last weekend and had a delicious and calorie filled mixed drink.  I’m seeing that good tasting – bad for you foods are okay in moderation.  I’m also seeing that busting my butt to get my 10,000 steps in daily helped.  I cannot quit on week days until I hit at least 10k.  I also kept that up on most weekends.

I’ve gotten back into doing yoga several days a week in addition to getting my steps in and really think that might have been the extra little push I needed.

As with true new month posts – here are a few numbers for you.

In August – I hit a new all time high for fitness minutes!  1955 minutes.  32.58 HOURS of movement!!!
(I’m a tiny bit bummed that I’m only 45 minutes from 2000 minutes – but I have something to shoot for in September!)

In August – I hit a new all time high for steps!  297,143 steps – or 130.7 miles.
A weekly average of 67,095 steps.
Only 9 days did I get less than 10,000 steps in. (All on weekends except one Monday.)

You know by now I’m a numbers girl at heart – these stats really keep me going and hitting a new weight today was just the icing on the cake!  With labor day weekend coming up – I hope to keep getting my steps and yoga in AND hold this new weight.  Wish me luck! 🙂

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