GL Gets Fit #58 {glorious yoga & good things}

(Images) 40 Yoga Picture Quotes That Will Inspire Your Mind, Body & Soul | Famous Quotes | Love Quotes | Inspirational Quotes | Hi Loves! Okay – this is old news but I really do love yoga.  A year ago, I might not have put that but since last December, I’ve loved this journey of movement, stretching, connecting with my body to “find what feels good.”  I borrowed that from Yoga with Adrienne but its so true.  

Last week since it was screwy with a day off – I took it off from yoga.  Boy did I miss it.  I did still get my steps in but was hit with a migraine on Sunday.  I’m keeping track of these and I’m now trying to figure out the correlation between the two so I can see if something triggered it.  (I’m leaning towards a food trigger.)

I loved this pin when I found it on pinterest.  Its kind of hard to read so I’ll share it here.
5 things yoga has taught me:
1. Honor Your Body
2. Let Go Of Things That No Longer Serve You
3. Breathe
4. Be Present – And Okay With It
5. You Can Achieve More Than You Think
All of these rang true for me.
#1 – Your body can tell you so much if you pay attention to tight spots and know where you tension resides.  This has been good for me and helping release a lot of frustration and shoulder & neck pain!
#2 – I’m working really hard on this one.  When I’m down, I try mantras (a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation) saying things like “I choose to let go of things that no longer serve me.”  Its a daily struggle but some days it helps to try and “let it go!”
#3 – Breathe.  I bet this seems like a no brainer but some days moves are tight or near impossible, breathe through it and try your best.  Thats all any of us can do in yoga and in life.  When you’re at your wits end – pause, close your eyes, and take some slow breaths.  It might help.
#4 – This is another thats hard for me.  If you know me personally – you know that I’m always planning something.  I’m also moving from one project to another.  When I hit a road block or change of plans…it can be difficult.  I’m working on just living in the moment and trusting (trying to) that things will work out the way the are meant to be.
#5 – YES.  In December I tried some moves, they were so hard for me.  I was wobbly, my balance was horrible, but I kept trying.  Today – I’m no yogi, and I’m far from being great at yoga but guess what?  I can hold some of those impossible moves and I have grown to appreciate and love them!  Never doubt yourself – in school, work, life, or fitness.  You’re the only one who can make changes and hold yourself accountable -and you can do so much more than you think.

Now a couple updates – My Fall Into Yoga challenge started yesterday.  I do the beginner videos because after 9 months – I still feel like one. It was lovely and restorative, then I did an hour of walking.  I’m looking forward to day 2 this evening!  AND – I’ve walked over 10,000 steps every day except Sunday (my regular off day).  AND – I’m down those pesky pounds I gained over labor day, plus half a pound more, putting me at another new ALL TIME LOW! Some times this journey is slow as molasses but if nothing else I’m discovering what works for me and what keeps me motivated to keep trying.  I don’t want to jinx myself but after college in 2006 I joined a gym and hit a post high school low that I haven’t seen in years.  I’m now less than 10 pounds from that.  Fingers crossed I can cross that in the next couple months.  I’m not looking for fast weight loss – in over a year I’ve lost an average of .5lbs a week.  My goal from day one has been able to find a system to help me lose the weight and maintain it.  This continues to be a journey of figuring out what works for me and my style.

Thanks for keeping along the journey with me! xo

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