Autumn Eye Look Featuring Borghese

wpid-20150919_125803-1.jpgHi Loves! Finally! A Beauty Post!! 🙂
Sorry this it has taken me a while to get back into posting about beauty products.  I’ve been trying a lot of products the past few months but for some reason couldn’t get into the groove of taking pictures, writing, and uploading.  However – I took a ton of pictures for several upcoming posts so here’s to a new round of beauty posts! (cheers!)

This summer Borghese emailed me and asked if I would like to try a few of their products. *Disclaimer- these products were sent to me for free, I did not purchase them, but promise to share my honest thoughts and opinions with you.*  They didn’t ask anything about me or my skin tone so I thought it would be interesting to see what they chose to send me. They sent items from their “Summer Glow” line.  Some of the makeup was too dark for my fair skin, so I passed those items on to friends who would love it.   Below are the products I kept, and pictures of me wearing the eye shadow and mascara.  If you want to know my thoughts first – scroll to the bottom!

First – I kept the Borghese Eclissare Color Eclipse 5 Shades of Fresh $29.00
Product Description:
Exceptionally pure pigments for an even distribution and extra smooth, fluid application
Long lasting with or without primer.
Light and luxurious formula with true, vibrant intensity
Made in Italy from the finest, artisanal quality pigments
5 Shades of Fresh – Bold and brazen. An assortment of shades in hues of earthy green and khaki in shimmer, matte , satin and metallic finish.
Tender- soft, pale neutral khaki satin
Raw – light yellow-olive satin
Sass – mid-tone green with multi-dimensional pearl
Fierce – deep, dark-olive, satin-matte
Wild – clean neutral khaki-gold shimmer

I also kept the mascara.  Borghese Superiore State-of-the-Art Waterproof Mascara $19.50
Product Description
The mascara you have been longing for. Brush that defines and curls, separates and coats, meets formula that builds lashes to their fullest, most unbelievably lush lengths. Water-proof. Smudge-proof. Suitable for contact lens wearers and those with sensitive eyes.

Lastly- I kept their bronzer but turns out its a little to red for my super fair skin, so I’ll be passing that along but wanted to share a swatch of it.  It would appear that this bronzer is longer available on their website otherwise I would link it for you.

My thoughts:

First off – can we take a second to appreciate the packaging on these!?!  The quilted black looks stunning and that silver for the mascara is beautiful! The black quilted packaging is a pretty heavy cardboard and there seems to be a magnetic close on it to keep the product safe.

I’ve been wearing the mascara for a couple months almost daily and LOVE it!  It doesn’t flake for me, and I love that its a natural bristle brush.  I might be clumsy or something but cannot use synthetic bristle brushes without poking my eye and smudging it everywhere!  This brush is also slim so I feel like I can really get in to the base of my lash line to get my lashes coated.  If you like natural lashes that just look “enhanced” but not thick, or spidery, or fiber enhanced, this is perfect!  I also like drier mascaras and this started out semi-wet but I love it more and more as it dries out.

The eye shadows are beautiful but a little too dark for me to use daily.  I like using the shadows for a night out when I want to make more of a statement with my eye shadow.  The colors are amazing – and that middle color “sass” OMG – its green, its gold, its olive…its a stunner!  In my pictures, the top row of my eye look is using flash, and the bottom is in natural light in front of my window.  I did both to show you just how light can really transform these shadows.

Bottom Line –
Before this summer – I’ve never seen Borghese products and think I’ve only heard of the brand but that was it.  Now – I’m a huge fan!  The products are simple and beautiful.  I would suggest these items to anyone – and look forward to placing an order and checking out their other products soon!

13 thoughts on “Autumn Eye Look Featuring Borghese

  1. neversaydiebeauty says:

    OMG the green in that shadow palette is gorgeous! I am in love with greens lately and I don’t have enough. Borghese really has refocused on their brand in a great way lately. Their products look and sound great again.

    • jen says:

      Yes – I couldn’t agree more. It is a fun color and I tend to stay away from colors like that but so happy I got to try it because now I’m hooked! 🙂

    • jen says:

      Several things didn’t work for me either but this palette screamed fall to me so thats why I waited to do a post. The colors didn’t feel like summer to me!

  2. Chelsea says:

    I got these products to try as well but didn’t really find many of them flattering for my coloring unfortunately! I did keep the green palette but haven’t tried it yet- I think I may like it, so we’ll see. It looks great on you!

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