GL Gets fit #59 {trees!!}

Instead of silhouette, the clothing would be the focus. But I do love that she is level with the water: Hello loves!  Well first off – I was having internet issues off and on towards the end of the week. Since my yoga challenge videos are online only – I had to pause that but did continue getting my 10,000 steps goal in each day with Sunday off.  Last night – I picked up my yoga challenge and did a balancing practice.  

My balance has been awful since I started yoga.  I blame it on being top heavy – if you know me – you’ll get it! 🙂  However last night, its like the stars aligned and I could hold a pose that used to have me wobbling all over a few months ago.  Back in December or January, I was introduced to tree pose.  One of the simplest poses but I couldn’t hold my balance for long, esp bare foot.  (Some how shoes seem to provide extra traction and support.)  A few months ago I could hold this with my hands in prayer position at my heart.  Last night – I could do it with my arms held high and proud – and on each leg for at least a minute or several breaths.  To be honest – I did a happy dance – like OMG – did that just happen!?  Then I took about a 15 minute meditation and was thankful to what I was finally able to do.  Just sitting, listening to peaceful music, and absorbing the good feeling was really quite wonderful.

I’m still on a high from it – its really amazing to see your own body improve.  I couldn’t be happier that I stumbled into yoga and haven’t looked back.  I think I’m going to continue this for a very long time.

Lastly – I’m down 2 more pounds!  Walking + yoga might be helping after all.  I’m trying to eat smarter at the same time but I really feel that its just the combination of yoga and walking that is helping me burn calories and fat.  I hope to keep on this downhill slope because the past few days have been pretty amazing!  Holding tree pose – down a couple pounds – and I get to see friends this weekend! 🙂

Thank you for reading!  Did you see my beauty post yesterday?  Check it out here!

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