GL Gets Fit #60 {soul}

Take time to do what makes your soul happy <3: Hi Loves!  This past week has been nuts! I feel like I’ve been running in circles but I know we all do at some point.  I was also feeling kind of run down, I blame allergies.  Ugh – its harvest time in Nebraska…dust and dander does a number on me!

Bad news – I missed 2 days of reaching over 10,000 steps – and I still took my day off on Sunday…so 3 of 4 days in the past week, I didn’t meet my steps goal.  That being said, I’m still on track for setting a new step record for myself.

Since its been nuts – I only been able to do yoga twice.  That makes me sad.  At the time, I try to juggle everything I need to do and get my steps goal…yoga got pushed aside.  In hindsight – I missed my yoga practice dearly…I get a sense of calm and clarity during my practices that I cannot seem to get anywhere else.  This week I vow to work on getting yoga in at least 3 times.  Its another stacked week but my body needs to uncrunch and stretch.  I miss it.

I picked this week’s quote because yoga does make my soul happy.  I can achieve such peace and calm from a daily practice that I need to do it, I crave it.  My goal is to take a step back and remember the little things and carve out half an hour to get my yoga in AND then my steps in.  Its so easy to get in a pattern of work, walk, eat, sleep, work, etc…yoga is a time each day where I “shut my brain off” and just take in the present moment.

Lastly – I didn’t gain this week, and I didn’t lose.  I did eat some unhealthy foods so I’m happy to hold my current low since starting this journey.  (Small victories!)

I hope you all have a wonderful week – and next week I’ll have some new numbers to share!

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