GL Gets Fit #61 {bliss}

Never underestimate the power of a great workout to make you feel like a goddess. #inspiration #fitspiration #fitness #workout #lithemethod: Hi Loves!  So last week was a lazy week.  There’s no other way to put it.  I worked, did some photography and let my steps goals and yoga goals go for a couple days.

I know its important to have a break every now and then but I did gain a couple pounds so that sucks.  However – I hadn’t been sleeping very well.  (Those nights where you toss & turn, or your hot, then cold…just cannot get into a good sleep…)  I realized one thing was missing – yoga.  It sounds crazy but doing yoga – stretching, uncrunching, relaxing really is important and helps shut my brain off.

I did a fairly intense yoga vinyasa last night that was only 35 minutes but it had me sweating and tuckered out!  It was so good and giving me some clarity.  Plus you know its good when you find yourself randomly laughing as you’re trying to hold poses.  I can tell I took a yoga break because my balance was a little off – but I think my goal for October will be to do yoga 3-5 days a week.  I feel stronger when I do yoga and still love getting more definition in my arms and legs.  I’m a little sore today – but cannot wait to do it again tonight.

Exercise of any kind makes you feel better and like this week’s quote – after a good workout or yoga practice – I feel like I can conquer the world and look fantastic while I do it!  Never underestimate the power of little things – you don’t need a gym membership or a trainer – you just need to move.

Until next week loves! – thanks for reading & have a wonderful week!

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